Nothing New, Move Along

OMG here’s the latest Covid development:

You mean, like the flu shot I get every year?  Whoop-de-fucking-doo.

Let’s not even talk about the rampant government bureaucracy involved in having a “Vaccines Minister”… reminds me of all the busybody “czars” that our own gummint foists on us every time a Democrat occupies the White House.


  1. As soon as the disease appeared I already predicted that it would mutate quickly enough for a one time vaccination to not work, especially if we couldn’t vaccinate the entire world population within the timeframe of a few months.

    The large pockets of anti-vaxxers have effectively made that impossible, if it was ever possible given the scale of the campaign that’d be required.

    By now the original vaccines are pretty much useless as a result, but still being applied for lack of ones that work against the current crop of mutations.

  2. The money words there are “have to”.

    It changes the response from “no, thank you” to shoot you in the face.

    and, I know, Britain no guns, pfft.

    1. She’s in charge of the Racial and Gender equity Department.
      Just don’t let her see you being competent; she’ll come to wherever you are and shoot you dead.

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