Room With A View

For those who want to get away from it all, there’s always this place:

I can just see the listing description:

Adorable cottage with unbeatable Alpine view needs only a little TLC to make a perfect retreat from the bustle of city life.  No-maintenance garden and limitless recreational activities await its next loving owner.  Property adjoins national park, so no neighbors will spoil your view or solitude.  Only the screams of the many falling climbers  soaring eagles disturb the silence, and winter snows turn the area into a picture-postcard life.  Main road  path only steps away.  One of a kind value!

Uh huh.


  1. “Hi, we’ve been trying to reach you in order to discuss your car’s extended warranty that is expiring soon.” thunk “aaaaaiiiiiieeeeee” splat


  2. Solar Power recently installed along with “Flow-Thru” ventilation so no need for Air Conditioning.

  3. Wars are rarely if ever fought in “nice” places. The cabin has a great view of rocks.

    Back in high school a friend showed me his grand father’s Arditi dagger. It was a double edge blade with basic wood grip. Nothing fancy but it looked like it had seen some very hard use.

    Over the years I did some research on the Italian front in WW1, both to appreciate the hard service my friend’s grandpa had seen and to understand the rise of Italian fascism. As Americans we have very little knowledge of this part of the war, where casualties due to battle and the weather were horrible. The Italian army developed specialist assault units – “Arditi” – the Daring Ones – to attack Austrian trenches with grenades and daggers. Anybody who believes the WW2 British propaganda that claims Italian soldiers were cowards should read about these Daring Ones. Many of Mussolini’s supporters came from these hard men who felt that they had been ignored and betrayed by the post war Italian government. Note to politicians – be very careful when you teach men to kill.

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