Bosom Buddies

We all know about the foul Clintons and their insatiable greed for money (e.g. the Clinton “Foundation” a.k.a. the Clinton ATM), coupled with their need to get “donations” from just about every evil source on the planet so as to subsidize their jet-set lifestyle.

Here’s the Brit version, in the shape of Prince Andrew, Duke of York:

Thames Valley Police have refused to comment on who is paying for the security they provide to Prince Andrew, at an estimated cost of £500,000 per year. It is said that one of the duke’s principal problems is that he and the duchess desire a lifestyle that is beyond their means. Well, yes. And me. I desire that, too. The Duke of York, however, refuses to rub along on an official income of £250,000 p.a. tax free from his mother, the Q.E.II, plus his naval pension of £20,000 p.a. accrued from his 22 years of naval service from 1979 to 2001. Tom Bower, royal biographer, said: “(The Duke and Duchess of York) have an appetite for luxury which is beyond the understanding of mere mortals. There’s a sense of entitlement in it all, that is the real problem. They think nothing is too much for them.” In 2020 Andrew bought a £220,000 Bentley to add to his two Range Rovers. He also has a collection of luxury watches, including several Rolexes and Cartiers and a £150,000 Patek Philippe.

His home life is not simple.

He and the Duchess live at Royal Lodge, a 30-room cottage set in nearly 100 acres of Windsor Great Park in Berkshire, owned by the Crown Estate, to which the duke pays a notional rent, but bearing the costs himself of upkeep and staffing which are estimated to be up to £1 million a year.
He also has a little place in Verbier, a Swiss ski resort, which he bought for £16.6 million, but failed to pay the final installment, of £6.6 million, for which he is being sued.

Norman Baker, a former government minister who has written a book about royal finances, believes that the duke’s extravagance has forced him into trying to supplement his income by building business relationships with a list of dubious associates. He said: “Andrew has had a succession of benefactors, deeply unpleasant people mostly, who want to be associated with someone from the royal family and he’s been prepared to be associated with them in return for money. He once took a diamond necklace worth £18,000 as a gift from a convicted Libyan gunrunner. These are the sort of people he’s dealing with.”

Most notably, of course, the paedophile and sex trafficker, financier Jeffrey Epstein. (Which leads us back to Bill Clinton, Liar Extraordinaire — Kim.)

The Times has revealed that from 2015 the duke was borrowing an average of £125,000 every three months from a credit facility offered by Banque Havilland, an institution owned by the Rowland family. The duke made a final withdrawal of £250,000 in November 2017, then 11 days later the whole debt was cleared by David Rowland. Buckingham Palace conduct rules state that members of the Royal Family should never accept gifts of money, or money equivalent in connection with an official engagement or duty. Time his finances are investigated, at the very least by HMRC – oops – that’s Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Service. His mum. Oh, well.

Tom Bower described the duke’s business activities as “shameless”. He said: “He is a man of unbelievable bad judgment and remarkable greed. And with each step his past catches up with him.”

Horrible fucking bastard.

No wonder the DoY is such a good friend of Bill Clinton:  their common predilection for sucking cash out of whoever wants to party with them is perfectly congruent.  As is their common predilection for young pudenda.

Just my opinion, of course;  I could be wrong.


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Randy Andy was touching people that he wasn’t supposed to and I’m not surprised that he lives beyond his means. However, as an American citizen, I don’t care how he lives. Americans haven’t cared about the Royals other than in a Jerry Springer sort of way since 19 April 1775. As for committing crimes, let’s see how strong that extradition treating with the UK holds up.


    1. He committed no crimes: the age of consent over here is not the same as in the USA. His American accuser wants money, that’s all. Which he doesn’t have.

      As for extradition for actually alleged crimes, ask Anne Sacoulas.

      1. where did the alleged crimes take place? If in the US or in a country other than the UK, then UK’s laws are almost completely moot

  2. The DoY, along with the Clintons, Bidens, Pelosi’s will see zero accountability for this, other than the ineffective outrage amongst the plebe’s

  3. My only quibble with your post is that, the DoY, being an inbred Eurotrash aristocrat, a picture of a guillotine would be more appropriate.

  4. “He and the Duchess live at Royal Lodge, a 30-room cottage…”

    Methinks that’s a mighty oxymoron there. In any case, eff the monarchy. Up the colonies!

    1. And ever since he has disappointed. He was known as Randy Andy. Then he became known as Airmiles Andy. Every family needs an embarassing relative (q.v. Mark Thatcher). It’s all part of the soap opera that is the Royal Family.

  5. I learn new stuff almost every day on Kim’s site and this morning if I was asked who is the Duke of York my reply would be, Huh? And then I find out that DoY is the short less formal acronym for Andrew and I am kind of fascinated to know how much of a problem it is for an Old World country to hang on to their royal hangers on. Kind of a musty, crusty tradition when good old Liz has spawned such mess of spoiled creatures. Oh well, that’s all I need to know or care about those silly folk because we have enough or our own slimy crap descendants of our leadership here in the USA to be annoyed with.

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