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and right on cue:

and homeschoolers see their numbers increase.  Until homeschoolers are also classed as “domestic terrorists” by the DOJ.

in other news, Stevie Wonder decries the color of his car.


and if you think that the second is not a maskirovka of the former, I have a NY bridge to sell you.

and why not?  It makes the same kind of sense all his other nominations have made.

you don’t say.  And because only 40% of the population vaccinated, death and chaos will ensue.

says the man who still hasn’t realized that a) he’s pretty much irrelevant by now and b) that we’re going to ignore everything he says.

if they were, I might just register as a Republican.  As it is, though

looking for a) a conscience and b) equal treatment from the Left is a pointless exercise.

From the Heart Of Stone Department:

this could only be funnier if the passenger turned out to be the groom.

And from the Department of the Blindingly Obvious:

and in other news, Japan surrenders after A-bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

okay, we’ll just go back to calling them “mothers-to-be”, until all those pregnant men start objecting to that too.



because they want to close their money-losing magazine for good  [sic].

And as a reminder of what Playboy models used to look like:

No girly-boy can ever compete… but that’s not gonna stop the Super-Woke descendants of Hugh Hefner, is it?


  1. As a recent Catholic convert, I feel the need to comment on Pope Francis’ statements and the media’s unreasonable attention to it.

    Pope Francis and the rest of the Magisterium (the Cardinals and Bishops) are the last word on matters of Catholic teaching and morals. His statements are infallible only under certain circumstances (and IIRC correctly, Papal Infallibility has been invoked exactly TWICE since it was put forth as a doctrine). So when Pope Pius XII declared the Assumption of Mary to be official dogma of the Catholic church, that became a belief which all Catholics were required to hold (and it might be added, the vast majority held that belief even before it was made official dogma).

    Other than that, he has his opinions, just like any actor, athlete, musician or other public figure, and his statements on things outside Catholic discipline ought to be taken with as much weight as theirs. Because opinions bear a striking resemblance to excuses and rectums, everybody’s got one and they all stink.

    Mark D

    1. Jorge Bergolio is many things – a heretic, an idolater, probably a communist, most likely a pedo. But no matter what people want to say, he ain’t pope. Benedict XVI is still the one pope, there only ever gets to be one at a time, and the seat is filled. Jorge Bergolio is an anti-Pope, and when I’m forced to mention his name, it’s preceded with “That satanic heretic you like to call ‘Francis'”.

  2. “Mothers-to-be”? Nah, a woman is a mother the instant she becomes pregnant. Just as the “inseminating person” is a father as soon as conception happens. The big difference, of course, is that a woman always knows who the mother of her children is. Paternity isn’t quite so easily determined (the mother herself may not know…the father has no natural means of knowing).

  3. So Playboy is still being published as a print magazine?????? ……… I though they went under years ago.

  4. Fauci doesn’t want to gather with any of his people because that there is what you call a target of opportunity.

  5. Dear MSNBC,

    If the Republican Party WERE an armed insurgency…

    A) We would already have won


    B) You would be dangling from a lamp post

  6. I thought that first lovely lady was Claudia Jennings, but the Intartoobs tell me it’s Willy Rey. They were surprisingly close together in their appearances in Playboy, given that they look so similar.

    Well, to me, anyway.

  7. And, the percentage of “Gingers” in nature;
    The percentage of “Gingers” in Playboy;
    The percentage of “Gingers” in “Splendid Isolation”?

  8. Playboy tried to get rid of the centerfolds a number of years ago and failed. pandering to the woke culture will get them out of business in a heart beat. Any remaining subscribers buy it for the pictures and articles. very few would want to see a transgendered mental patient.


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