News Roundup

All the news that’s fit to whatever.

the poor things should probably ask advice from elderly family members who survived the Blitz.  OMG they didn’t even have cell phones and online gaming back then.

next, they’ll be banning breathing on odd-numbered dates.  To save the planet.

bet they got that name from random Scrabble tiles.

I hate to break it to you all, but Kim Kardashian IS a Dementor.

as long as they move them all back to California or New York, we’re good.

which is probably because Democrats fear just about everything.  Anyway, that being the case, a whole bunch of Afghan “refugees” should be relocated into Democrat-majority neighborhoods.

And speaking of Democrat neighborhoods:

California lawmakers having fixed all their state’s serious problems.

From the Heart Of Stone Dept:


in an immediate statement to the New York Times, Hillary Clinton called it the worst case of mass suicide ever, and added that she and all her staff had alibis.

actually, what I’d like to know is:  could White minority rule be any worse than the current situation?

And now it’s time for INSIGNIFICA:

only time I was close to having an orgasm at a gym, I was told to put it away.

Finally, on the topic of women, orgasms and Dementors:

Yeah, Lynn Russell:  the only good thing ever to come out of Headline News.


  1. “Two out of three said competition to get a job has already increased so it feels ‘impossible’ to find work…”

    This does not square with all the reports of business owners not being able to find people to fill jobs. Oh, wait. Those jobs aren’t all very high paying tech jobs. Got it.

  2. I did hear that Scrabble had a part in determining the name for Canada.

    Since they couldn’t agree on what their country should be called, they decided to put Scrabble tiles into a bag and whatever letters were drawn out would be the new country’s name.

    So the big day arrives and with much fanfare the person thrust their hand into the bag and held the first tile up for all to see and announced proudly, “C eh”

    (note…this joke is better told out loud)

  3. “…Anyway, that being the case, a whole bunch of Afghan “refugees” should be relocated into Democrat-majority neighborhoods.”

    LVRJ announced this morning that NV is to receive 150 Afghan “refugees”. Some of the street-gangs in Las Vegas are going to have clean up their acts.
    But, don’t fret Kim, Plugs hasn’t forgotten you:
    California and Texas would receive the largest number of evacuees: 5,255 and 4,481 people.

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