Oz Reich (2)

Following on from yesterday’s post about Festung  Australia comes a report from an Oz resident:

[Victoria Premier] Andrews has vastly increased state power under a “state of emergency” that was promised to run for four weeks. It’s now been in place for over a year, with no end in sight. The only sunset clause in Victoria is that the premier has declared it out-of-bounds to sit on the beach to watch the sunset.
Police in Victoria may now detain any person or group for as long as “reasonably necessary,” restrict the movement of any person in the state, close any premises, and “require the destruction or disposal of anything.” Police can enter homes and seize property without a warrant.
Police and army patrol the Murray River—the border between Victoria and New South Wales—like Stasi watching over the Berlin Wall. Drones buzz in the Melbourne skies, and snitches diligently scan social media for WrongThink.


You know, the reason I’m banging on about this is simple.  Were this kind of stuff taking place in some Third World hellhole, former Soviet satellite state or Muslim pisspot, I’d be largely unmoved, because tyrannical oppression is a longstanding albeit ugly tradition.

But this bullying is taking place in the Anglosphere, to one of our longest-standing allied people and in a country I’ve always respected (although it may not seem that way at times).

And the pity of it is that I don’t see it ending soon, and don’t see it being changed nor even challenged at the polls either.  It’s pretty fucking bleak, Down Under.


  1. It makes me wonder what kind of persons they are recruiting to enforce such tyranny. In the US, we often fall back on the idea that your average beat cop won’t go around oppressing his friends, neighbors, and relatives just because some bureaucrat orders him to.

    Maybe that’s not true.

    1. The cops may not oppress their friends and neighbors, but most people aren’t friends or neighbors of one another. The cops have had no qualms about oppressing Trump supporters, while “just obeying order” to let Antifa and BLM run riot.

      Much as I hate to say it, we can’t rely on the police. Probably not on the Woke military either. Certainly not on the officers.

  2. The Anglosphere is collapsing. The final straw was known to us a few years ago when the UK decided it citizens could no longer be trusted with knife shaped sharpened metal.

    We are the last. No one is coming, and so it’s up to us.

  3. “It’s pretty fucking bleak, Down Under.”

    And our Premier has just informed us that, no matter what, our state’s border closure (in or out, internal or international), will continue for another seven months! Seven fucking months! For what? We have NO, zero, zip, zilch CV-19 cases here! None! My life … the few years I have left … its being stolen from me … and more than 50% of my fellow citizens are cheering the megalomaniac for “saving” us!!

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