News Roundup

Once more, there’s news to look at, laugh at, snarl at, or ignore completely.

let’s hear it for “free storage” and other lies.

but unless it has machine guns to help out with my road rage, I don’t care.

perhaps a study of the word “voluntary” would prove instructive.

nice to know the politicians have their priorities correct.

and are we going to learn exactly who is perpetrating these hate crimes?  No?  Anyone?  I’ll give you a clue:  it’s not White supremacists, or we’d have heard all about it by now.  And speaking of people who hate Jews: 

but, but, but… what about “Diversiteh“?

in yet another example of falling values.

this may explain a lot about me, but hey.  I don’t like checkered shirts and overalls, though.

told you it was all bullshit.



to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

And a little younger blood, for a change, in the form of the now-legal Maisie Smith:


  1. I worked with a guy years ago who claimed he was a lesbian in a man’s body. I tried to tell him that’s just normal male-ness, but he was insistent.

  2. Does the mind-controlled Benz require you to think in German (like the Clint Eastwood movie Firefox)?

  3. Right or wrong, isn’t NI still part of Great Britain? What business does the EU have in dictating internal policy of Great Britain about sausages or anything else?

    The FBI and much of the DOJ have become an atrocious joke.

    Move all the immigrants to California and let them deal with assimilation issues. Break the camel’s back sort to speak


  4. Ms Maisie certainly does those drapes justice, but then again, it does appears she fills any clothing nicely.
    Thanks for posting her. No clue who she is tho’ and not sure I want to spend time on it.

  5. What Amazon is going to do is NOT real time monitoring of what you’re doing with your services or storing on their servers.
    Rather, if you read the press release properly, is pay closer attention to who they’re entering into contracts with.
    This may well include going over existing contracts and canceling those where they don’t like the customer, it doesn’t say explicitly, but it’s not the end of the world and your data is still inaccessible to Amazon employees.

  6. Why anyone would keep *any* important data “in the cloud” is beyond me.

    If it’s in the cloud, it’s on a server owned by someone else. It’s no longer yours.

    It’s as simple as that.

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