News Roundup

News even sillier than normal — whatever “normal” means.

like nobody saw this coming.

and that’s  because there is no specific plot.  Actually, the violence will come from either the Biden Administration or its paramilitary groups, like Antifa or the FBI.  There’s far more evidence of that.

they should send it all to Africa, where it will rot in warehouses without ever reaching the people who need it most — like most aid sent there.

….and only our State Department couldn’t see this coming:

proving once and for all that we should have just nuked the place instead of invading it.

On a related note from another Muslim shithole:

ah yes, that “Muslim enlightenment” shows its face.  Likewise:


And now, a Corona break:



the next funeral for Irony will be held at a time TBA.

although I always thought Robin was just Batman’s rent-boy, so this might actually be an improvement.

my question is:  when the hell did 11-year-olds start having proms?

From the “You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh” department:

I guess temper tantrums  sometimes have consequencesKey word: Russia.

Now comes the time for sex:

yup;  once he got his cherry popped, the government lost all interest.

Dr. Kim sez:  sometimes a threesome can be beneficial.

surprisingly good advice.  Cue feministical outrage in 3…2…1…

for those who missed it, her “abs” are that little bit under the overhang.

And on the same topic, more or less:

Ellen Davies, now 21, from London, decided to change her lifestyle aged 16 when she was forced to travel two hours to find a prom dress that would fit her

but trust me:  you really don’t want to see the “Before” pics.

Here’s a better example:


  1. Biden is one weird dude.

    Someone tell him there is a mostly completed pipeline coming down from Canada, which has the world’s third largest proven reserves and already produces 6% of the worlds oil.

    Plus, the US is getting sued under NAFTA for 15 billion for cancelling it, so the US is going to pay for it anyway.

    Plus, plus, TC Energy, the pipeline builder is a Canadian company, but listed on NYSE and probably 80% owned by American shareholders.

    The man’s insane, right?

    1. You give Pedo Joe far too much credit in regards to sanity. He’s nothing more than a no good, miserable fucktard asshole. Look at his entire career filled with plagarism, racism, foul mouth and wrong on almost every foreign policy during his entire political career. I doubt that miserable wretch could find his ass in his back pocket


  2. “…my question is: when the hell did 11-year-olds start having proms?”

    I had a similar question when I learned my nieces had Spring Break in elementary, junior high, and high school. I thought Spring Break was only for college-aged kids.

    Also, when I went through school, we had only 1 graduation in K-12: high school graduation. Now they have graduation for elementary, jr. high, and high school.

  3. “Deadly Rampage”
    If Europe has any intention of surviving as a culture and people, they will post signs everywhere in the native language and Arabic:
    Leave, or Die!
    Executions will begin in 30 Days!

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