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From Stephen Green at Insty:

HYGIENE THEATER: Denver Public Schools will require face masks for all students and staff.

Related: Number of students being homeschooled in Colorado more than doubles.


  1. Corrollary: the American economy is doing well enough to enable these families to have one economically inactive partner.

  2. “And as the number of students at public schools drops, so does the schools’ funding.”

    It does? I have no children and still pay 85% of my property taxes toward public schools.

    1. In theory at least. Money to the schools is determined by actual butts in seats.
      In theory, though, the United States is still a nation of laws, not of some doddering old human bobble head and raw political power, but Biden (remember, emphasis on second syllable, and the “n” is silent) just pulled an Andrew Jackson, ” John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it” with the tenant eviction ban.
      Is there anything that isn’t a human right? Medical Care, Housing, Food, What next? Sex with a super model?

      1. Windy,

        At least in my state Money sent to the School itself, is determined by butts in the seats. Money extracted from me for the purposes of “Public Education” will never go down. Home Schoolers be damned.

        My youngin’s were in public school because of my circumstances (In retrospect it was a big mistake). In elementary school the principal told ALL of us parents that were there , “don’t bring your kid in late, if they miss the morning (for whatever reason) leave them home “, because an absence gets counted for a late kid, and the funding is reduced thereby, but the kid still shows up so, they have to teach the bastard for free. That was not even an implication. It was said in almost those terms.

  3. Funny, even though the local schools were mostly vacant the past year our property tax went up.

    1. same here. I found out that our Town has some sort of rule or law that says the non union raises can go into effect even if they are voted down. The raises just have to be within the budget that was proposed. That’s steaming BS right there.

      In this area, the money follows the kid so decreased attendance results in less money to the school from the state. The bottom line remains that the money for education is either wasted on indoctrination or the politicians divert it to some other wasteful venture.

      I just hope that schools lose enough money that they’ll be forced to cut pay to administrators and other useless school expenses.


  4. Not to mention the BLM affiliated child molester on the school board. Actually, the BLM may have kicked him out after the child molestation charges. Internal investigation supposed to be released soon.

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