Getting Tired

I think it was Steve Kruiser who wrote a few weeks back that he was getting tired of writing about politics and social issues, and I can see his point completely because I feel exactly the same way.

The problem is that it’s all the same:  more evil shit from the Socialists (immigration, masks/lockdowns, overspending, the 1/6 show trial, still more “othering” of conservatives — especially Trump supporters — gun control wailing, yet more fucking idiocy from “The Squad” of Commie bitches in the House, lies about the criminality of illegal voting in the 2020 elections, and so on and so on).

All the above bullshit happens every day, repeated ad nauseam  and with ever-increasing rancor and viciousness — fuck me, it just never stops and after a while, I just can’t be bothered to comment on it because it’s all the same bullshit:  more government, more social control, more flouting of the Constitution or U.S. law, all seemingly without fear of pushback or legal consequences, and all aided and abetted by the constant barrage of screaming idiocy from the mainstream media such as the Big Three networks, CNN/MSNBC, the New York Times  and every other newspaper, and so on.

I can ridicule President Braindead, Vice-President Cocksucker, Squeaker Pelosi and all the other toads like Schumer, Swallwell and their ilk until I’m blue in the face, but damn it, I’m just getting tired of it all.

We all know how loathsome this bunch of Commies and government control freaks can be, and let me ask you this:  was anyone surprised when that half-assed plot to kidnap MichGov “Irma Grese” Whitmer was revealed as basically a false flag operation by the fucking FBI?  The same FBI who tried to help undermine an elected U.S. President, who’ve been warning in breathless tones about a supposed White supremacist movement that’s going to rebel violently against the government, when everyone in their right mind knows that there’s no such thing, and none of that crap is ever going to happen?

We all know that the real danger to democracy is not conservatives or Trump supporters but the people who want to subvert voting laws to allow non-citizens to vote, or for citizens to vote as many time as needed to get the socialists elected.

We all know that Critical Race Theory is not a laudable attempt to redress the wrongs of racism, but a baleful movement to push Whites aside, out of the education establishment, out of political thought or politics itself, and to poison White children against their parents, their race and their heritage.

We know all these things and so much more, and honestly, I don’t know whether my ranting about them does any good whatsoever because at the end of it all, this back porch of mine is largely filled with friends and fellow conservatives who in some cases are more conservative than I, who are still more angry about the current situation than I am;  and with all that, what’s the point of me talking about this crap any more?

Thank goodness that I have other things to talk about:  cars, guns, sports, beautiful women, good music, Righteous Shootings and all the other things that pique the interest of men like myself.

I welcome your thoughts on the matter, O My Readers, in Comments or by email.


  1. As soon as I go online my Bullshit RADAR peaks out and stays there. So I don’t stay online long, just hitting the highlights then getting off and go do something in meatspace for awhile. It really is just the same old thing over and over but moving a word or 3 around. Constant wailing and I don’t like the mood it puts me in. Reality – it’s real. Online is fake.

  2. I have not seen any broadcast news on TV for the last three years, not gonna do it and that includes the right side of things where some guy named Peter Puller and Dick Licker are experts about the new shit we are to be concerned about the scientist Vi Gynia expounds and astounds us with the latest statistics that are bullshit. I stopped reading conservative news for the most part when they sold out the last election and for the most part check in with a few blog sites every day hoping for some amusement so thank you Kim for your funny shit that was posted this morning.

    In the best of times which these are not at all our governments Fed, State and Local are kind of like fussy old cars that need lots of tending and care. The right fuel, change of oil and new tires on a regular basis and right now with all the woke shit we are running on old bald tires: (smelly old politicians) about to through a rod or two with low oil: ( diverse public employees with no clue how to do their jobs) and the fuel tank is getting lower and lower: (budgets and busted government overspent funding). My hope is that as things really start to break and really fall apart, like streets and roads, they will reach a point where people on both sides say enough is enough. In the mean time I am going to do meaningful things like start the coffee and empty the dishwasher, things which make a difference in my life, here and now. That’s about it.

  3. I believe that Mark Twain described fanatics as people who won’t change their minds and won’t change the subject. We’re constantly dealing with fanatics who have nothing better to do than push the liberal agenda. That’s their life. As conservatives we go outside and mow our lawns, maybe tinker with our cars, go to the range, go to church, and go to work (!). We’re not doing politics 24/7 because we have actual lives to keep us busy. Liberals don’t own real estate so there’s no property maintenance, they hate cars, they certainly don’t shoot or hunt, they have no faith except the religion of liberalism, and like the old Dobie Gillis show (now I’m dating myself) “work” is a curse word. No wonder it looks like we’re losing. What’s the option for us on the right side of things? We can turn into shrill 24/7 political animals who don’t have real lives – and we have plenty of those already – or we can enjoy hard work, fix up that old bike or car, worship God or not worship God as we see fit, enjoy a drop of the good stuff and stand ready to put the world back together when it all falls apart.

  4. I think a lot of us are in the same boat. I basically scan headlines, see that nothing has changed, and move on to something more enjoyable. My basic attitude now is relax and wake me up when spicy time gets here.

    1. The trick is to stay disengaged enough to keep the disgust and fatigue low enough so that when the fight comes you have the physical energy and the psychological will to engage.

      That’s probably part of what this endless drumbeat of doom and despair is about, to drive the other side permanently from the field before the battle even truly begins.

  5. There’s a great bunch of info online about becoming “The Gray Man.” Most of it is survivalist or prepper based, which is fine, but a lot of it can be applied to routine normal living. When about 33% of the population is batshit crazy and have lost the bubble on what living in a free society means, you can challenge them directly and worry about violent pushback, cancel culture, threats to your business and personal well-being, or you can become the Gray Man.
    I’m about to turn 64 and while I’ll still fight, I’m not going to engage personally or physically (or online) with anyone, about anything. I’ve got too much to lose, not the least of which is my sanity, my physical health and my gentlemanly disposition.
    I will continue to support the people who are trying to recapture and rebuild America. I will work with unwavering diligence to provide for me and mine, pay as little tax as possible, protect my rights and the rights of other citizens. And, when and if the time comes, I will step into the breach. Between now and then though, I have disengaged from impolite society. I will be friendly to the people I know, civil to those who are civil to me, and invisible to those who are not.
    I’ve cleared my bookmarks from all the punditry and news sites I used to follow and I limit my online time to sites like Splendid Isolation, The Chesterton Society and gun forums. The closest I’ll get to politics is Victor Davis Hanson or City Magazine.
    I, too, am tired. I’m going to use the next 3 years and 5 months to recharge my batteries, focus on building my business to sell it and start traveling more. If you’re looking for topics to displace the ones you’re tired of, I have just two words:

    More titties.

  6. A couple decades ago, Claire Wolfe quit.
    She said she prefers sitting on the porch, scratching behind the dog’s ear.
    We have three RedHeelers.
    We have a porch rocker.
    We have a bucket of tennis-balls.
    We have a pretty good time!

  7. I agree with you, and not just about the assorted spouting commies, wokies and whatnots. For me it’s also the talking heads and pundits with whom I actually agree, that are endlessly and futilely repeating themselves. I stopped browsing my go-to conservative sites on July 28 after I had read this
    I don’t know if conservatives in California know the future or not and I don’t care. It’s the sentiments of the piece that appeal to me. Call it gray (grey?) man if you like. I call it ‘get on with life and ignore the bullshit’.

    1. I have been away from the Crazy for most of July due to being in the backcountry with no internet but I endorse your statement. I can deal with enemies but God preserve me from friends. One more whine about leftist hypocrisy (they don’t care) and I will explode.

  8. Eight months ago, as the smoke from the 2020 elections still hung heavy in the air, I found myself trying to deal with a heavy, body beating fatigue. It was beyond being angry with the election outcomes, it was beyond all the hollering about stolen elections, it was beyond wanting to push my fist through the faces of all those smug Liberal assholes who were telling me how much they’re going to change the world now that President * was taking over.

    It didn’t take long for me to see that it wasn’t just me. Great lots of people were sharing that they felt the same was. Some of my favorite Conservative Blogs either changed the direction and scope of their posts, or just flat decided that it wasn’t worth the effort and expense to continue trying to prop up a nation that seems hell-bent on it’s own destruction. Looking back at just the last eight months, I have to agree. It’s not that I have changed in my feelings or beliefs, but I’ve decided that it’s not worth (as others have said here today) standing against the ever increasing mountains of bullshit and abuse that’s waiting for you if you do.

    I keep close to home because it’s my sanctuary, a quiet, comfortable place where I can tune out and lock out the “woke” politicians, actors, sports heroes, and loud-mouthed race hustlers. I can ignore the effing Socialists who hold positions in government, not to serve our nation, but to tear it down.

    Yeah, I’m tired too. This is not the America I grew up in. This is not the America I was taught about. I want no part of what the Emperor and his proclamations are bring to my world. I hate it, I’ve always hated it. I will fight it when and where I can. But I don’t want to deal with the screamers and trolls who will crawl out of the slime to challenge me and others if we dare to post how we feel and what we believe.

    Yes, thank goodness that there are other things to talk about: cars, guns, sports, beautiful women, more beautiful women, good music, etc. But it’s not the same anymore, and I miss the folks who have left the field, the porch, and the back fence.

    1. I feel the same, here in my small corner of the world; and many that I see and talk to over the course of a business day/week/month are pretty much in the same boat…..and all of us are putting away as much “non-perishables” as we can afford to acquire….just in case.

    No man, no madness
    Though their sad power may prevail
    Can possess, conquer, my country’s heart
    They rise to fail
    She is eternal
    Long before nations’ lines were drawn
    When no flags flew, when no armies stood
    My land was born

    And you ask me why I love her
    Through wars, death and despair
    She is the constant
    We who don’t care
    And you wonder will I leave her — but how?
    I cross over borders but I’m still there now

    How can I leave her?
    Where would I start?
    Let man’s petty nations tear themselves apart
    My land’s only borders lie around my heart

  10. > We know all these things and so much more, and honestly, I don’t know whether my ranting about them does any good whatsoever

    If you say nothing then you cede the platform to the others. One of the hardest things to do in a democracy is speak up when you know so many won’t listen or dismiss you out of hand, when you know that they will say you’re wrong, when you know you’ll be shouted down. But it takes the teeniest thing to start an avalanche.

    1. you’re right that “if you say nothing you cede the platform.”

      I try to avoid quoting the Bible but there is some wisdom in the passage about the farmer casting seed in several areas. Some of the seed fell on the path and got trampled out. Some landed in shallow areas that burned when it took root. Other seed was cast into weeds that grew up and chocked out the new shoots. Other seed fell in fertile soil and flourished. We need to cast our ideas of conservatism, self reliance, benefits of small limited government, voluntary cooperation through the free market etc into fertile soil and avoid wasting our time into areas where our ideas will not flourish.


  11. Don’t bottle it up and quit talking…you’ll explode. Like seeing your prospective on things and on subjects I don’t normally search out. Thanks.

  12. I have not watched “the news” either, for years, because it puts me in a state I don’t want to be in. I love my freedom, my country, and my guns, etc. and will never forgive these assholes for the stupidity of their beliefs and actions. But they will fall, and fall very hard. There are a lot more of us out there than we or they, ever imagined. For now, I just simply humor myself by making fun of them. When asked what my personal pronouns are, I reply deplorable/thought criminal – to immediate gales of laughter or blank stares (great fun)!

  13. Kim, don’t quit.

    You have a platform that most of us do not have, we “Silent Majority”.
    You are doing us all the favor, being loud and upfront when we cannot.
    The problem with us members of the “Silent Majority” is that most of us tend to
    be non-confrontational and keep to ourselves, lest we be called crybabies.
    But that is who and what our enemies are, loud crybabies, who shout and demand
    attention far in excess to their station. No, Kim, keep it up, and God Bless you. We need you.

  14. You’re preaching to the choir, as they say.
    Things will work out, I do pray.
    I tried a Haiku.
    This limerick stinks.
    I don’t care, I’ll sing along anyway.

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