Yeah, We Know

Via Insty (link in pic):

The only time I’m going to be wearing a mask is if I decide to avail myself of the federal government’s free housing and medical care program by robbing a bank.

Other than that, they can all fuck off, especially bastards like these:

…not that I’m likely to go to either shithole, of course — but Trader Joe is especially on my watch list.


  1. I have some sympathy for American businesses which re-impose masking.

    Never forget, America is the land of ravenous personal injury lawyers and simple minded juries.

    Just imagine the cost of a major Covid outbreak at a theme park which did not require whatever insane idea the government had recommended. The legalized extortionists would walk off with billions.

  2. I’m honestly just trying to keep up with all this bullshit and it’s mostly all comical crazy nonsense

    – Olympic athletes are breathing, rubbing against and sweating on each other, all close contact, during the contests, but as soon as the game is over and not as many people are around – mask up.

    – Nancy Pelosi goes to a salon and gets her styled while NOT wearing a mask, yet she tells the capital police to arrest people for refusing to wear a mask (or rather “unlawful entry”. Aka visiting while NOT muzzled.

    – Joe Biden’s wife “Doctor” Jill visits Tokyo during a so called massive outbreak of Covid. And at times is shown with out her muzzle while in Tokyo.

    – Biden doesn’t have a mask on half of the time you see him.

    – “Doctor” FAUX chee never seems to wear a mask that often. But he says you should wear your ritualistic shame muzzle.

    – Democrat run areas are telling people to mask up. Yet those areas have more cases of the China Virus than places without mask mandates

    Most people are wearing NON medical grade masks. Even N95 masks don’t block
    Covid. I can see wearing a mask inside a hospital but in everyday public?

    Wearing a mask and thinking you are safe from an alleged deadly virus is like
    Saying you can put on a seatbelt and drive wrecklessly.

    Covid can take lives. But it’s a small amount of people that pass from it. Sad when it happens. So does that mean we ruin everyone’s lives based on irrational fear?

    This is all just plain F$$$$$D Up!

  3. Blue-Pilled: Everything they tell me is true.

    Green-Pilled: Okay, so they lie once in a while.

    Pink-Pilled: If they lied about this, what else are they lying about?

    Red-Pilled: HOLY SHIT, they’re lying about EVERYTHING!

  4. Up here in Michigan, my credit union just sent out a second e-mail reminding us that masks are not only no longer required, but they might think you’re robbing the bank. We still have a wretched whitless Demoncrat for governor, but she’s beginning to realize that after her actions last year, her best chance of avoiding recall for the rest of her term (it runs Jan 2019 – 2023) is if we all forget she exists.

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