1. Use another part of your brain and try to imagine what you’ll be missing this time next year. Scary, man.

  2. Sharyl Attkisson has done marvelous work and has most certainly been attacked by the deep state agents. Someday I hope there will be a reckoning for their misdeeds.
    We need an army of Sharyl Attkissons in the press.

  3. He did a great many things for the United States, many of them never mentioned and
    unknown to most Americans thanks to our wonderful, unbiased, informative and
    benevolent ( yeah, right ) main stream media.
    He could have done more, much more had he had the cooperation of those around him.
    Instead, he was totally on his own because he kicked over the apple cart riding on the
    gravy train and exposed the lies, corruption, greed, indifference and out right hostility of most of Washington toward the average American citizen.
    Then it all got wrapped up and tossed out by a bold faced, we don’t give a damn if we get caught,
    unprecedented theft of the election. I doubt there will EVER be another, at least partially honest election in this country. The enemies of this country have found out that they can steal the biggest, most important election we hold, and, get away with it right in front of you, me God and everyone else and NOTHING happens to them. WHY would they NOT continue on this path ?
    So far, not a SINGLE arrest, charge, trial, conviction or sentence. I don’t think there EVER will be !
    Think of what could have been, had the SOB’s in Washington cared, just one tenth as much for the American people as they claim they do !!

  4. Besides being a prophet please don’t forget 3 SCOTUS Justices and 300 Federal Judges !!! That is a 30 year or more stamp on the future of this nation !!!

  5. Vote fraud has been going on for a really long time. Just Biden’s crew pulled all the stops and made it patently obvious. Looks like the 4 states they cooked too hard might be reversed. Then we will see if we are still a nation of laws or not.

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