News Roundup

The usual mix of bullshit, assholiness, stupidity and government tyranny [some overlap].

thus rendering it unwatchable, and unwatched.

probably using the same process he used for designing Vista.

yeah, putting synthetic chemicals into your body was always risk-free. [/sarc]

which means that we probably need to worry, because China is a bunch of lying asshoes.

let’s hear it for !SCIENCE! — and incidentally, that makes the score:  Climate Predictive Models 0, Reality 10,000.  You have a better chance of winning the Powerball than they have of getting the forecast correct.

using the Left’s previous argument in a different cause:  if they’re old enough to die in battle, they’re old enough to vote  carry a gun. And speaking of underage:

so he could pork her without getting arrested? [/Jerry Lee Lewis]

I should point out that the vibrator was first powered by electricity in 1880 (twenty years before the invention of the electric iron and vacuum cleaner).  Here’s kinda what they looked like:

And now for even more INSIGNIFICA:

as Mr. Free Market said, when I sent him this article:  “Ah, summer.”

Which reminds me of this Summer (Monteyes-Fullam), looking all summer-y:

…because that’s just the way my mind works.


  1. NBC’s Next ‘Law and Order’ series will put America’s criminal justice system “under the microscope”.

    Talk about not knowing your market. Aren’t most of those police process shows watched by the bluehairs (elders)? I get that they want to attract a younger audience, but it’s not wise to do so at the expense of your existing audience.

    1. The only cop show I can remember liking to watch was DRAGNET. I gradually realized that that was because I like Harry Morgan, who is also the only reason MASH was watchable.

      (read the books by Richard Hooker instead)

  2. Bottom left pik, lower belly. tasty

    Walking in ocean with cellphone in hand = airhead

    1. We can only hope the phone belongs to the photog, and it probably was kaput.

  3. re:
    chinese prediction(s) about chinese rocketship(s)

    As usual concerning anything of seriousness, some irascible pundits coined a term for the wuality (get it? I joined ‘wuhan’ with ‘quality’. Remember to tip your server!)… ‘chinesium’.

    Used in a sentence:
    * “I saved a bundle by buying chinesium tires on-line.”
    The proper response:
    * “Too bad about their degradation to their trace elements as they sat brand-new in their chinesium wrapper in the chinesium shipping-container!”

    A second example:
    * “These chinesium inoculations are the titches wits! Proof-positive I never caught any chinesium influenza… or any chinesium rocketships!”
    The proper response:
    * [ loudly, enthusiastically… spittle optional ] “FECKING IDJIT!”

    1. The King was in the Army at the time he met her, and rumor around here was that her Momma cut and colored her hair and dressed her up to look as much like Ann-Margaret as possible.

    2. Priscilla was over 21 when she married Elvis, but they met when she was 14, and pretty soon she was nearly living in his house. There were rumors that her father finally threatened to have Elvis prosecuted under the Mann act to get him to marry her.

      OTOH, she claimed to have been a virgin bride, and that it was Elvis’s idea, not hers, to wait until the wedding. Believe it or not… It’s not like Elvis was ever sexually deprived while waiting.

    1. Every few years, they notice that measured temperatures are running far below their predictions and revise their calculations to move the end of the world out a few more years. Just like the Jehovah’s Witness’s recalculations of the date of Armageddon through most of the 20th century. And as far as I’m concerned, it takes the same kind of religious faith to continue to believe in either set of prophets.

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