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such as hard work, honesty and education that doesn’t include pickpocketing lessons.

fuck off, Food Scolds.

except that the first is reality, the second, fantasy — you Royal twerp.

because that “Find the cracker guilty or we’ll burn the city down” policy seems to be working pretty well.

stop, stop, my sides are hurting

it’s so cute that the writer thinks that “common sense” and “government policy” can coexist.


And on the topic of vaccines:


which should come as a surprise to absolutely… nobody.

And on a related topic, all in a single week:

because, as any fule kno, China is asshoe.

Time for some INSIGNIFICA:


And finally:

and as a child of the Sixties , all I can say is:  “Welcome back, girls!”

…I have missed you all SO much.

Okay, vote for your favorite 3 pics, ranked 1-3, in Comments.   They’re numbered from left to right, top to bottom, eg:



Have at it.


  1. #12, #9 and I gotta say #3 looks like she could take a man places…..

    #8 for a runner-up, especially when I was young and had a thing for older women.

  2. Difficult choice, I had to go back over the evidence many times. They are all quite nice.
    My top three: #10, #2, #9 in that order.

  3. Seven!

    My Whys:
    * Elegant hair ‘up’.
    * Athletic.
    * Superb wardrobe.
    * Ignores the ‘morbidly-obese’ craze of the new century.
    * Exhibits the good sense to ‘stride’ a classic.

    Plus the gal has a nice rack…

    1. Seeking the identity of Seven, I held my finger on the image on my telephone.
      (This initiates a ‘search’, and usually gives me the source of the image under my finger.)
      This time, the search resulted in fourteen images of morbidly-obese inner-city diversity.

      Ain’t that something.

  4. What the hell is wrong with you guys, this is not a live stock judging show, back in my youthful days, 5 decades ago, three martinis and they would all be the best looking woman in the whole, ding, dong, damn world and I would be totally in love for at least a night.

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