News Roundup

Trivia, propaganda, and made-up nonsense, all treated with the respect they deserve.

don’t be too sure, Scooter.  Depends on whose knee is on your neck.

as someone once said, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh like a hyena at this one.

finally, something President Braindead does that I can get behind.  [/selfish]

frankly, I think the Izzies should do a lot more of it.  (Fucking with the ragheads, and bragging about it.)

okay, can we go back to calling them the other thing then? [/wetbacks]

wherein Germany tries to copy Canada.

as Dr. Increasingly-Irrelevant strives to lose his title by finding another dead horse to beat.  And speaking of irrelevancies:

yeah, the only good thing about Covid was that it pushed this shrill little scold out of the headlines.  So now she gets to scold the world on medical issues?

I’m torn between indifference, and the prospect of future schadenfreude.


begging the question:  what, exactly, are the cases they will accept, if not on election fraud and Constitutional freedoms?  Useless fuckers.

Now for some INSIGNIFICA:

although to break my own rule, for once:  odds of Our Kim K. ending up with a White royal, billionaire or A-lister:  1,000 to 1.

Finally, some REAL news:

So here’s a small preview thereof:

Hey, it counts as news:  she’s a radio host, right?  Here’s a non-calendar pic of her going to work:

To paraphrase the late Cilla Black:  That’s a lorra-lorra woman, right there.


  1. “Women who love heavy make-up seen as dumb & up for casual sex…”

    You misfiled that one under insignifica. That’s news you can use!

    1. He is! Kelly Brook is either standing or sitting on the ground in three of the four photos. Anything more for Earth Day is encouraging continued Leftist robbery of the hard-working people who make the posh lives of the politicians and entertainers possible.

  2. I must have missed something in my advancing years… who the eff is Demi Lovato, and why does her opinion on frozen yogurt matter a freekin’ d*mn? Is she now the World Empress on Frozen Yogurt and Cosmic Stupidity? Is she dangerously unaware that “froyo” can be purchased in almost as many places as you can breathe free air?

    I realize she may be richer than even I could imagine and can afford to have a number of people on staff to transport her from place to place, and even remind her to breathe. No problem with that. But if the “lady” insists on being that ignorant beyond measure in public, then I would suggest she begin purchasing her make-up from Barnum and Bailey.

    Act like a clown, look like a clown.

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