By Any Other Name

So this, apparently, is Britain’s roadmap to reality as they emerge from the horrors of Teh Chinkvirus:

To me, all this simply spells


…and about a dozen different ways* for the Filth to harass and / or arrest people.  But I could be wrong.

Also note that in the Blue panel, football matches (20,000-plus crowds) are A-okay, but apparently weddings are “super-spreader events” because they’re still limited to 15 guests only.


*Examples of control-freakery:

  • have 16 guests at your wedding, not 15
  • 7 people over for Easter lunch, not 6 — even if said lunch is an outdoor buffet
  • Grandad’s funeral has 31 mourners, not 30
  • somebody drives 50 miles to visit a sick relative (that’s not “local”, you see)
  • etc.

Note that commonsense would allow some leniency in terms of the numbers — but it doesn’t have to, because in the main the Filth are a bunch of rule-bound control freaks themselves, and because they can do fuck-all about Britain’s actual crime (muggings, stabbings, robberies etc.);  but by God let some granny have one too many guests at her late husband’s funeral, and it’s to jail she’ll be going.



  1. What gets me is that there’s an entire bureaucracy behind assembling, drafting, editing, and publishing a list like that.

    I just don’t understand the mindset, because I don’t think like that and never will.

    1. Yeah, you just have to know that a committee sat and debated the “six people” vs. “eight people” restriction for hours, possibly days (because government).

  2. Here in PA, over a year ago our illustrious Governor Wolf issued his edicts on businesses that could be open vs those that couldn’t, “life-sustaining” vs “non-life-sustaining”. His very first bullet point: “All government agencies are considered life-sustaining”. Because apparently there’s no life without government.

    Therefore restaurants had to close, but restaurant inspectors got paid. Ditto construction, stores, etc. Also, construction projects got 48 hours to close up shop, then they were shut down for months. Half-built buildings had to be rebuilt because all the stuff that’s not supposed to spend months in the weather was ruined. Your interior framing can spend a few days getting rained on, but not months.

    Things partially re-opened in the Fall, closed again over Christmas/New Year’s (can’t have the scum actually CELEBRATING now can we?) and re-opened in January. This Sunday bar service is FINALLY re-opening (up to now you couldn’t have a drink in a bar or restaurant unless you were getting food too). I suggest all bars should have a drink special of the Big Bad Wolf (I’ll let you look it up).

    Considering PA wasn’t nearly the most restrictive, I’m amazed there hasn’t been gunfire in other places.

  3. I live in an area that is total control freaked called Toronto. On my street corner there is a gym, a hairdresser, a massage place (actual massage not the other kind), a bar and a latin dance school. All have been really hurt by the year long lockdown. The dance school is the saddest because I saw them renovating the storefront business for months in 2019. Poured their hearts into it, so much money and they are not going to make it.

  4. There is no life without government…….but it would be so interesting to try, and is why there is a certain subset of people who are happiest in the deepest wood, and the most barren desert – and who sail around the world alone. Then, there are those who fall in-between…

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