1. Back in the pre-COVID times, when I was still working, one of my co-workers was spouting off about how the lefties would step in and take over if Trump got re-elected.

    I pointed to the other end of the very, very large room we were in (a big room at a convention center) and asked him if he could see the guy standing by the stage, about 400 feet away.


    “Okay, I’m a right-winger, I’m not particularly good with a rifle, and I could hit that guy ten times out of ten.”

    He changed the subject.

      1. Leftists are trying to do it now with “moral” (try not to laugh, please) suasion.
        If their carefully arranged plans to stuff the ballot boxes with the equivalent of reams of copy paper with “Biden” written on it fail, BLM/ Antifa, the IRA wing of the Democrat Fenians have already received some combat training, and thanks to zero bail and suborned District Attorneys, are back out on the street, and passing their lessons on to other Black Shirts.

        1. Their “training” is a joke, and I would just remind them that when passing along these vital lessons, they should not “line up”.

      2. And a LOT of the right are ready to kneel at the chopping block. I see it all over the place, claiming that Biden would be a good thing for the country, he will unite us against the far left, etc. etc..
        When they forget that Biden’s going to ensure that there will never be meaningful (if ever) elections again, that the swamp will become metastasised and spread everywhere it’s not yet in total control, that every court and police agency as well as the military is going to be thoroughly purged of every “undesirable element”.

        1. Just a reminder:
          During the Revolution, the country was divided politically into thirds:
          1/3 wanted to throw the Brits out;
          1/3 wanted to them to stay; &
          1/3 just didn’t give a damn.
          Guess where the NeverTrumpers fall on that alignment.

  2. Christ on a tampon. I think I’d be willing to pay this fucktard to make good on his pathetic lickspittle.

  3. He’s going to do this armed only with a sensitive look and {gag} decorative tattoos and piercings?

  4. Stop.

    Please stop, I’m scared.

    I’m scared I’m going to crap my pants from laughing so hard.

    Yeah, come block roads in my area, which went 3-1 for Trump and where the local volunteer ambulance and fire departments hold several gun raffles each year. Where my parish priest said he went shooting with his nephew, and who complained that he forgot he was carrying his “small, no big deal, only a 3 inch blade pocket knife” when he visited the Vatican and it got confiscated. There’s a name for people who pull shit like that: catfish food.

    He’ll find a whole LOT of Huckleberries.

    1. I went to a Yanni concert once. I had to go back to the car to leave my Swiss Army Tourist knife in the car. Those Yanni fans; a rough crowd, I tell you.
      At least I didn’t lose it.

  5. No need to make idle threats. Our DA is not a communist. The citizens will not need to take action. Law enforcement will deal with it. Which is exactly why it won’t happen here.

    It’s Friday, and Trump hasn’t conceded. I’ll check back tonight to see if soy boy is dead, in prison, or just another motor mouth.

  6. The original tweet was dated 11/20/2020 so the Sunday in question would have been the 22nd, this past Sunday. This means that we’ve been starved to death by the blockade.

    Or we would have been if we hadn’t already been killed by the Trump tax cuts, the end of Net Neutrality, and the ChiCom plague. 🤣

  7. Dunno. Probably have to take him down if I saw him in the street. Feared for my life and all that.

  8. Oh no, please don’t throw me in THAT briarpatch..

    Fuck around an find out. PLEASE, I’m begging you retards. Do this while we’re strong and public opinion still matters.

  9. When and where?

    It has been stressful this year. As Ivan Simonov said in the movie RED, ” I miss the old days. I haven’t killed anyone in years.”

  10. The guy claims to be a disinformation artist and lefty troll. Apparently y’all fell right into his “trap” by taking him seriously and not realizing it was some sort of ruse. But then his tweeter was suspended, so apparently they fell into his “trap” as well.

    This seems to be a pattern with these people. They say something outlandish, get a lot of blowback, then come back with “I was just kidding” and people are supposed to let them off.

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