Just So We’re All Clear

Over time, several Loyal Readers have contacted me, warning that I might suffer the recent fate of several conservative websites, whose hosting services have blocked them (a.k.a. “de-platforming”) with weasel excuses such as that of The Conservative Treehouse’s lot“given the incompatibility between your site’s content and our terms, you need to find a new hosting provider and must migrate the site by Wednesday, December 2nd.”

I, of course, am at risk because of my occasionally-intemperate rants and my all-round “bad” behavior.

Firstly:  thank you all for your concern.

Secondly:  Of course, Tech Support II has a backup plan — to quote him exactly, “There’d just be a little downtime while we execute. ”

Thirdly:  “Execution” might very well include what could be called a “porcupine consequence” for these Lefty assholes if I am ever de-platformed.

As long as I’m left alone, nobody gets hurt.


  1. My son in FL has my website docked on his own server. He has between 50 and 100 individuals and businesses on that server. Nice little, mostly maintenance free, side biz. And he doesn’t charge me anything for it.

  2. Not knowing anything about your host, the cynical pessimist in me guestimates a minimum 50/50 chance it’ll happen. Can’t remember if I’ve posted this here before or not, so apologies for possible redundancy: I lost an account not long ago over a snide posting on social media. There was some college on the West Coast (where else) that had proposed issuing hockey pucks to students and staff, with which the sheeple would be advised to defend themselves against an active shooter should the need arise. No, really – this wasn’t The Onion. When I lampooned the drooling morons & pointed out that trained personnel properly equipped with the appropriate tools was the way to go, the client dropped me because I had endorsed “gun violence.” I shit you not.

    On edit – the hockey puck bullshit turns out to have been more than just a proposal: https://www.npr.org/2018/11/28/671394863/for-defense-against-active-shooters-mich-school-hands-out-hockey-pucks

  3. Sadly folks think that they can avoid the wrath of the powers in charge. Yes the Commies are in charge, dont fool yourself. Just like the ChiComs they can turn you off anytime they think it is time to. They OWN all aspects of electronic communication. And dont think of going back to short wave. That is a by gone era. Sad but we crossed the Rubicon.

    1. “And dont think of going back to short wave. That is a by gone era.”
      Not at all. We have several levels of radios from CB’s on up though FRS, HAM and short wave. Wait til the cell towers go dark and see how valuable this stuff will be. To start, I recommend the Midland hand held CB with the vehicle kit and a magnetic antenna. Total cost on amazon delivered is less than $150. Sweet rig. After that get a Baofeng for about $35 or so. Just depends on how far out you want to reach and who you want to reach to.

      1. I hear ya, but was talking about govt tracking you down and putting you in prison. Even during WWII guys went to jail for not following “the rules” on sw. Today imagine the capability they have. We smucks have pumped Trillions of dollars into govt capabilty. They have millions of capo’s to do nothing but track us, silence us, and lock us up or kill us. It is coming.

  4. Willing to bet that one of google’s tentacles can reach you, no matter where you are. People have no idea how much the evil bastards have established control over the internet. There was someone about a year ago that tried to completely disconnect from Google. Bottom line was that the Internet wouldn’t function and he was completely prevented from communicating.

      1. Do both of those things but that gets rid of about 5% of Google. Rest is places that you can’t see without serious geekdom.

  5. Most of the time, it only costs you $250 to file an arbitration against them, and then they (the company) are on the line for all the other costs, including the rest of the initial $2000 filing fee.

    And, of course, any of your readers willing to help out can also file their own individual arbitrations for $250 (alleging tortious interference) and put them on the hook for the fees and legal fees for those proceedings as well.

  6. Keep up the good work, Kim. Don’t allow yourself to self censored through intimidation. Your faithful readers will follow you wherever you go.

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