1. Picture comments:
    1- My house, I swear, but we have containers from multiple manufacturers, and they are NOT interchangeable.
    2- Boxes, not bags.
    3- Makes me cringe just thinking about it.
    4- I’ll pass on this because who needs the grief after all this political, 2020, bullsh*t.
    5- Most of my medicine comes with a screw top, or the really GOOD meds come with a cork.
    7- Boys lie, and men are pigs. Deal with it.
    8- Not much into reloading; isn’t that the way it’s done?
    11- Side saddle?

      1. Colonel Potter of the 4077 MASH once asked Radar if he wanted to marry a woman who DIDN’T ride sidesaddle.

  2. As to the election pic, I see little difference between the top and bottom pic. I for one plan on staying away from anyplace large groups of people might be found.

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