1. I was in Brussel that late morning and I remember very well how the ” Slime ” lokeed happy and joyfull.
    At first I did not understand why and wondered, then I got home and opened my television.
    It was that day that I learned everyting about them that I will ever need to know.

  2. 15 of 19 terrorists were Saudis and, like the pantifa bois today, were disaffected middle class (or even more prosperous, like OBL himself). We paid a terrible price for ignoring the Saudi radicals.
    One of the benefits of fracking is that it curtails the ability of the Saudi Wahhabis to fund terrorism like 9/11. That it also hurts the Russians, the Iranians and the Venezuelans is just the cherry on top.

  3. Having missed the 1993 bombing and the 2001 attack, lost customers and neighbors, kids friends lost parents, I tend to go into a grand funk on this day.

    And please don’t forget Benghazi 9-12-2012 !

  4. I was in highschool they day that happened. I wonder where a lot of us that went military because “Some people did some things” would’ve ended up.

    Islam Delenda Est

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