Friday Night Music

For those who like a little variety in their musical listening, allow me to recommend Anna Federova playing her way through a selection of sundry classical composers.

It’s a recital (small audience) but that shouldn’t detract from her outstanding performance.

On the other hand, if you’d rather listen to a virtuoso pianist getting into a whole bunch from a single composer, then there’s always the peerless Valentina Lisitsa attacking Beethoven here, here, here, here and here.

Damn Russian broads are taking over.

See y’all tomorrow.


  1. Amazing talent! The Russians playing Russian music especially is hard to top.

    From another part of the world, have a look at Cecile Licad, who plays to beat the band as well. She plays Gottschalk pieces faster than anyone I have ever heard.

    How anyone can get all those notes is beyond me. Great links this Friday.

    1. I suppose someone will say that Valentina Lisitsa and Anna Federova are Ukrainian, not Russian, so I will humbly apologize. They all look alike to me.

  2. These ladies are great! There’s a lot of classical music coming from Japan and Taiwan, too, which is more than we can say about America most of the time.

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