Monday Funnies

After a lovely weekend, Monday mornings are like being really hungover after some heroic partying, and waking up to this lying on the pillow next to you.

So to get that out of your minds, here’s some fun stuff.

Actually, that’s the average corporate workplace nowadays, except that it needs a couple of HR weasels to round it off.

Don’t see why;  I can see at least a dozen pieces that aren’t actually touching the floor.

And while we’re on that topic:

Good question.  And finally:

Another good question.  But instead of questions, let’s all look at some answers, to the question: “What’s so good about 105-degree days?”:

Hope that helps.

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  1. On the topic of your linked picture of the young lady with the tattoos:

    I’ve seen many tattoos, and some of them are absolutely beautiful works of art. I’ve seen many such adorning beautiful women. However, for such women I find them un-necessary, because all human art pales in comparison to God’s, and the pinnacle of His art is (IMHO) the human female, especially when her external beauty is matched with internal beauty and graciousness. Any attempted addition to such beauty detracts from the theme.

    Just my two cents worth of free commentary, guaranteed to be worth what you paid for it.

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