Welcome Back To The Working Classes

I’m happy to announce that New Wife, having passed all the stupid bureaucratic bullshit  federal requirements that enable her to work, has recently starting doing so at one of the local (and very new) private schools here in Plano.  She’s not teaching, however — “twenty years of that is enough” — and instead is doing the admin stuff as the school starts to open.

After running a boarding house at her alma mater  high school for eight years before I dragged her kicking and screaming across the Atlantic to marry me, she’s well qualified.  (Think:  no-nonsense attitude, kinda like mine.)

Details to follow, but please join me in wishing her well.


  1. Kim,

    Did you tell her about that Fica guy who steals part of your paycheck every two weeks?
    In any event congratulations and good luck.


    PS: Do they have an ice hockey team. That’s about the only thing my younger, 42 yo, son can do. J

  2. Congratulations to New Wife!
    Hope she enjoys the new gig!
    …hope she also enjoys paying her “fair” share of the graft.

    Glad to hear to that the bureaucratic crap is over for now.

  3. Private schools are where it is at. I think we are about the see the end of public education.

    Glad she is working at something she must like if she has done it for that long.

    Good luck.

  4. You should take her for a romantic getaway for celebration.

    I’m thinking a 600 yard range would be a great place to go with a few rifles, pistols and a few thousand rounds of ammunition.

    1. …as long as said range is close to a beach, i.e. “Have fun, dear, while I work on my tan.”

      Her priorities need a little work.

  5. Well!

    (Ah, Murph, nobody appreciates your humor any more! Play nice so you don’t scare the little lady off.)

  6. Congratulations! And great news. Having something worthwhile to do every day keeps one from going all Lefty-Whacko ( we really don’t need the extra confirmation we’ve been getting these last few months).

  7. Congratulations Mrs. D. I hope you enjoy your newest phase of life in the good old US of A.

    As others have pointed out it’s going to be a case of “another day, another dollar” minus state* and federal income taxes, social security, health insurance, and 401k (or some other retirement fund). Be careful, looking at what’s left over may be a sad experience…

    *Yes, I understand that in the far better run state of Texas you have no state income tax.. And you have a legislature that meets only every other year and can’t call itself into special sessions. I really must get the F out of the horrid state of Illinois and move to Texas. sigh.

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