Quote Of The Day

From Lileks:

“What the modern hard left wants is the same they’ve wanted since the French Revolution:  claim the present in the name of the future, repudiate the past, then own the past, redefine it to their terms, then make it off limits for discussion unless you keep within the lines they’ve defined.  Discussion of the past outside of the boundaries is counter-revolutionary, and proper consciousness has to be displayed at all times. “

An example (still from JL):

“But is it possible now to discuss motel signage and architecture without discussing discriminatory rental policies?”

I have a better idea.  Discuss whatever you want, without ever checking your speech or writing for anything that these assholes may think is doubleplusungood (to use one of their literary epithets).

Hell, it’s what I do every single day, here on this back porch of mine, and I encourage you to do likewise in your everyday conversations and thoughts.

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