1. Her: “Of course he wants to do me!”
    Him: “I wouldn’t do her with a 10 foot pole.”

  2. Her: I’m not only giving him a bj, I’m also giving him Wuhan!

    Him: I’m getting a bj! I’m getting a bj!! I’m getting a bj!!!

  3. Her Sign: This fall I’m going to my first choice — Harvard!!! Thank you — Tiger Mom!!!!

    His Sign: My High school startup just sold for $ 275 Million. I’m off to Bali….

  4. Her: We’re having a baby!
    Him: yay

    Her: We’re getting married, and I’ve given my last bj!
    Him: What?

    Her: We’re having a baby!
    Him: The other possible father is behind me puking with relief.

  5. Her Sign: It’s not his baby!!
    His Sign: My wife and her boyfriend are Stunning And Brave.

  6. Her: Mom, I found that classy guy you always wanted me to meet!

    Him: Your daughter loves 69.

  7. Her:
    This sucks – – –
    I’m a lesbian and
    I love eating pussy !

    I’m a Big Pussy,
    Eat Me ~ ~ ~
    Ha, Ha,

  8. Her: His dick is soooo big.
    Him: That was nice. I hope her lockjaw wears off.

  9. Her Sign: He doesn’t know that he had improperly prepared Fugu when we ate sushi together <3

    His Sign:I didn't tell her I've got COVID 19!

  10. Leave both signs blank, and caption the whole thing with


    1. Many of the above suggestions reflected the state of my filthy mind but this one is the winner.

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