News Roundup

…with even shorter commentary than usual!

but what would really upset them would be the number of volunteers to man the firing squads.  And considering they’re all on the ChiCom payroll.

of course we do.  So we can get lots more of this kind of thing: 

and a special message to the has-beens known as the Bush Dynasty:  shut the fuck up.

and you’ve gotta see the pic.

because Communism is SO civilized… you murderous cocksuckers.  And:

at a rough guess, pretty much everything they said, including “and” and “the”.

and for the first time ever, I’m envious of the Danes.

I always knew he didn’t kill himself.  From the funniest website since the Babylon Bee.

LOLCue Big Education’s screams of outrage as their lies are exposed, in 3… 2… 1

and when he recited his wedding vows,  still no one could understand what he was saying.

hey, no fair, wait a minute:  did Republicans have a plan B when John McCain became their frontrunner?

okay, stop laughing now, this is serious.


  1. Firing squads? I’ll bring my own ammo – and enough for the rest of the party. Gotta save money these days….

  2. “US must listen to ‘civilized world’ and stop questioning communist party”

    Entire US population (minus the commie symps) throws up a double bird in unison. Because ‘Murica!

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