Generational Take

The Divine Sarah’s younger boy Marshall (a younger Millennial) takes on the Millennials in general, and Marvel comics in particular:

You got be f**king kidding me.
Marvel, gender-swapping and race-changing existing characters doesn’t count as doing something new. Granting, seeing what you do with new characters, I guess this is an improvement.
Besides the coming funeral plans for comic shops thanks to the senseless murder by Marvel comics and its weapon of pure woke, this brings into focus the purpose of my post today, because I haven’t given away the dirty little secret about these comics, and I think it’s appropriate to do a short history lesson, and turn back the clock a bit.

Read it, and chuckle.  He had me at “The blood sucking, flying albino with a bad 90’s Goth outfit is the most believable character in your roster.”

Note to Marshall:   let Mum edit yer stuff for grammar before publishing.


  1. I’ve been wondering what to call myself and this article inspired me to come up with the ideal name for my little slice of the world’s population. I’m too old to be a Boomer and too and way too young to be either a member of the “Silent Generation” or the “Greatest Generation.” I was born in the short interval between the first atomic bomb test at Trinity Site, July 16, 1945, and the bombing of Hiroshima, August 6, 1945. Therefore I will call myself a member of the “Bomber Generation.”

  2. The following is an excellent synopsis of what is going on in comics from a literary/pop-culture perspective.

    TL;DW – Lazy entitled writers combined with SJW woke garbage are unable to write compelling stories that grab and keep the audience’s attention. Establishing characters through exposition and heroic struggle has been replaced by establishing characters through their intersectional memberships. Thus a muslim girl is by definition heroic simply because she exists in a society that is so obviously biased against her and you’re expected to just know this or else that is evidence of your privilege.

    Deconstruction of social constructs is a primary goal of Social Justice and this includes our myths and stories.. This is the real reason for all the remakes and comic adaptations. This is what happened and is happening with so many beloved franchises. Unfortunately, what this means is that we’ll continue to get characters cast for their high level of the correct intersectional identities (e.g. Rey in Star Wars) but who won’t be interesting characters (i.e. Ellen Ripley in Aliens). What makes matters worse is that when these remakes fail at the box office or the comic book store, that isn’t considered evidence of bad writing, it is evidence of sexism and racism.

    1. By the way: “deconstruction” is a Marxist euphemism for “destruction”. It’s the vivisection of institutions which, if disassembled even in part, then die.

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