Financial Opportunity

I wish I were a bookie.  Then, if this happened:

…and somehow he got elected, I’d start an offshore bookie business:

  • 2-1 that he’d “hang himself” in the presidential limo on the way back to the White House from his inauguration ceremony
  • 3-1 there’d be an “accident” at the Inauguration Ball
  • 1-3 he’d die “of natural causes” before his first Cabinet meeting
  • 1,000-1 odds against him living long enough to deliver his first State Of The Union address.

Yeah, Hillary Bitch Clinton would be President, but I’d have made a lot of money and be living in the Caymans.


  1. I’ll take those odds. Rather, I expect him to live 2 years and a few days, so Hilary can have 10 years in the White House. Remember that she’s always played the long game.

  2. They’ll find Mikey with 6 bullet holes in the back of his head and a smoking 5 shot revolver in his hand. “Worst case of suicide we ever saw.”

  3. This is great fun and the best part of it all is that speculation about the Hilldog and the Blooming Midget has exploded all over the media and it is just one more thing thing undercuts serious consideration of the man who is going to annoy the whole nation trying to advertise himself into office.

  4. Odds of a mass resignation of the Secret Service’s Presidential Protection Detail? Yeah, sucker bet.

  5. Caymans? Too close to that wretched hor. I’d be on a very isolated island in the southern hemisphere where I’d create a brand new reality.

  6. Will VP Hillary finally figure out the complexities of a mobile phone?
    Will Bill once again have access to the WH humidors?
    Will mini-Mike expand his “stop and frisk” policy to include his own VP?
    The questions Trump could fire across in debate would be worth the price of admission.

  7. Or consider this. Bloomberg has a deal with Hillary to resign after a year or so and make her President!

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