I see that National Geographic has released a new map of Australia.

Old Map:

Since then:

New Map:

On the positive side, I note the complete disappearance of man-eating koalas, mosquitoes and poisonous snakes, all fuel for the Greens’ barbie (see below).

Now all that’s left is for the Aussies to find a way to set fire to the ocean, and the shark problem will likewise disappear.


  1. In the North, above where it notes Cyclones, it needs to say ” Beyond here there be Pirates!!” and in the south in the Hobart Straight between Oz and Taz it needs to read ” Giant Waves and Monster Storms”.

  2. The Sydney Herald is reporting that 87% of the fires are known to be set by human activity. 40% of them are deliberately set. 183 people have been arrested.

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