Monday Funnies

Oh, hooray.  It’s the first Monday after the holidays, with a full work week to look forward to.

So let’s try to get things moving with a little humor.  Before we get going, however, I had no idea that Conan O’Brien played in the U.S. Women’s Soccer team:

But on with the show:

…not that they should, of course:  that’ll just weaken the bloodline.  And speaking of weak and whiny men:

And in the spirit [sic]  of the festive season just past:

Just sayin’.

But hey, it’s a new year, right?

,,,but just be sure where that light is coming from.

Before we do all that, however, let’s just wallow in the past a little, so to speak.  Back by popular demand, here’s a Swede nicer than the Mauser 1896, Anita Ekberg:

Now get going into that new year…


  1. Indeed Miss (I detest the use of Ms) Ekberg was stunning as a youngin. I was so brokenhearted to see how she balloned up to 300 lbs in later life.

  2. Just remember that Fishmongers’ Hall is in need of a replacement narwhal tusk – one shattered.

  3. Remember when Sweden used to send us attractive female actresses (Anita, Ann Margaret, Greta, & Tippi) instead of dour adolescent scolds.

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