About That Knife Maker

You all may recall one of the Christmas presents I got two weeks back:

Well, thanks to Alert Reader Mark D, we learn the truth about “knifemaker” Ed Mehler (my emphasis):

Ed Mehler is a knife seller for Knives Ranch and that he had previously been told to stop representing himself as the maker of Knives Ranch knives he was selling (at least those with the Knives Ranch logo stamp on them).

Note that this dates back to 2014, which means this asshole is still in business.

Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) — in my case, emptor morsus est (the buyer was bitten).

Oh well… at least I have the best-looking boxcutter in Texas.


  1. Hey, it’s good looking, and I assume well-made, so I would think its value as a gift and a tool really aren’t diminished. It certainly has a different story than most attached to it.

  2. Meh. Not a fan of tanto blades–I did a lot of sharpening as part of work duties, coworkers started bringing their knives for me to do. Sharpening tanto blades is a pain in the butt–keeping the angles/corners crisp and edges straight sucks, more like sharpening chisels than knives. Blades should have some belly to them.

    1. Gotta say, though… the tanto shape makes for an excellent box-cutter. Used it last night for that purpose. Butter.

  3. If the knife gets the job done and you like it, who cares for others opinions?

    Enjoy the knife!!!


  4. Of course the next revelation will be that Ed Mehler isn’t a real person, and is only a marketing personality like Betty Crocker.

  5. Tanto blades have two uses.

    Stabbing someone through body armour or opening Amazon boxes.

    Option 1 is not usually required. Option 2 however . . . .

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