Good Shooting

Some guy has put together a video of the Best-Shooting Pistols.  Frankly, I’ll take his word for it, because I do not ever  want to get into a gunfight with him.  Watch the video to see why.

This, folks, is why one needs to practice a lot — although I will admit that having a little gun range in one’s backyard (as he does) without any discernible neighbors in the area doesn’t hurt.  If I had one of those, I’d be the world’s best .22 rifle shooter (and have the world’s largest collection of .22 rifles with burnt-out barrels).

Anyway, the pistols (from #5 to #1):

  • CZ P10-F (full-size version of the P10-C)
  • Walther PPQ Q5 Match (steel-frame)
  • Archon Type B (I’d heard of this German gun, but never actually seen one before)
  • CZ 75 Shadow 2 Black & Blue (finally, a decent and affordable DA/SA competition-ready pistol, and even the base 75B is hardly a slouch)
  • STI 2011 (beloved by competitive shooters;  also:  available in .45 ACP or 9mm — apparently, any caliber — but its 9mm mags hold 27 rounds).

Honorable mentions:  Browning P35 High Power;  S&W M&P 2.0 5″, Glock 34.

After watching the video a couple-three times, I came to realize two things:  1) I have got  to shoot more often, and 2) I need to look at the CZ Shadow 2.  (Forget about the STI;  I can’t even afford the “base” model Staccato P.)

Hell, at least I have a High Power.  Now all I have to do is ahem  practice a bit more.


  1. Couple weeks after we moved here in 2006 the sheriff came by campaigning and I asked him where the closest shooting range was. He looked left then right then back at me and said, “Right here.” I asked, “I can shoot guns right here on my property?” He chuckled then said, “Why not?”

    In the suburban area where we used to live in Cape Coral, FL they have made it illegal to shoot BB guns. It was a little bit of culture shock to move from an area of tyranny and slavery to a more freedom oriented place. Just about all of those guns are priced in the stratosphere. An inexpensive gun with lots of training is better than the reverse, any fuhl know that!

  2. From what I have read you won’t ever burn out a .22LR barrel, the lead is too soft and an occasional cleaning to get the gunk out will keep it going for hundreds of thousands of rounds. More damage will be done with crappy cleaning rods and brushes than the ammunition will ever cause, at least that is what I have read.

    Back before the 1950’s there were corrosive primers used in .22 rimfire ammo and those really could pit up a barrel when it was not cleaned regularly. However it would be a wonderful experiment to have a personal range in the backyard and try to shoot enough to wear out a barrel, I think most of us are too old to make that happen.

  3. The Shadow 2 and Accu Shadow are too rich for my blood. I handled the P10 F a while back, it was a bit too big for my tastes, so I went with the P10 C instead. I was disappointed to find that the gun had a terrible trigger slap, with mine, at least–shooting a few mags made me put the gun down, it just plain hurt to shoot. I sent it back to CZ for warranty work, they replaced the ‘dingus’ trigger safety. It’s a little better now, but still stings my trigger finger. Note that this is not the trigger pinch/guard issue reported with early guns, but a distinct slap when shooting. I may wind up going with the Cajun Gun Works (expensive!) or HB Theta trigger, but darn it, a new gun shouldn’t have the problem in the first place. So much for my first center fire striker handgun.

  4. Before you drop the coin on a Shadow 2 or an Accushadow, take a look at the CZ Tactical Sports Orange. SAO just like your 1911 and High Power, but with a much lighter, crisper trigger and a 20+1 capacity. Load it up with 147 grain HSTs and it’s be about the perfect home defense gun.

  5. Meh. All the run-and-gun sorts leave me cold. You want good shooting pistols? Try the Olympic free pistols. A Morini CM-84 or a Toz-35m. Hell, you can get damn-near-new-in-case Toz-35s for $500…but will have to work on your own grips.

    Or a Hammerli 208S. The triggers are legendary, and I can vouch that the legend is true.

    1. I already have a Morini, but let’s just say that it’s not the best gun in the world for a double-tap.

  6. Make yourself happy Kim, Take your Hi Power & install a drop in BarSto barrel, then replace the trigger, sear and hammer with the most excellent ones from Cylinder & Slide.
    You will then have a pistol that is the equal of any of the ones you listed and its already yours.
    Finally, the Old Texan is correct. It is virtually impossible to wear out a properly maintained .22 rimfire barrel. I put about 5000 rds per year through my Anschutz Super Match and have for many years and it still shoots superbly.
    .22 RF barrels are worn out by improper cleaning not shooting.

  7. I can’t imagine how far he could hit a target with a rifle! I know there isn’t a lot of overlap, but his control (and eyesight) are astounding.

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