Quote Of The Day

From the normally mild-mannered Prof. Reynolds:

“Vegans should just be grateful for not being pantsed on sight.  Veganism is stupid and immoral, and mostly a marker for mental illness or deficiency.”

True dat.  He left out a lot of other endearing vegan traits, but the Treacher Man has his back:

“You just can’t please vegans, because if they were capable of happiness, they wouldn’t be vegans.  You can’t cater to them — in this case literally — because their entire philosophy is anti-human.  They’re ashamed of their own existence on this planet, and that shame has turned them into totalitarian wackjobs.”

I think I’ll just have one of New Wife’s beef pies for lunch, because I can.


  1. Funny thing, my sister was a vegetarian and later a vegan for a couple years when she was much younger and spent a great deal of time hanging out with others who were similarly minded. She ended up dropping it when she realized that she and all the others whom she knew were all sick and unhealthy and miserable all the time. She said that when she started eating meat again it was the best she felt in a two years or so.

    Later, she married a guy and lived on a farm with him, butchering animals and other farm wife type things. She helped me butcher a wild boar I shot on her place one time and we split it. Unfortunately her husband passed later and she sold the place and moved back to the city. She is still very much an omnivore, and a great cook too.

    I guess my point is that there is hope that some (many?) of them will grow out of it.

  2. Kim,
    That meat pie looks divine, especially the pastry. Would “Your Lovely Bride 2.0” be willing to share the recipe? Thx.

    1. No. If I did that, soon everyone would be eating them, and I’d have nothing to boast about.

      I’ll drop you a note…

      1. I would appreciate it if you would share the recipe. The flakiness of that crust looks absolutely delicious!

      2. Kim, I’ll offer up a trade . . . one recipe for another . . .
        Brad’s Bodacious “No Fowl” Gumbo. I made it for a chef who cooked in NOLA . . . he said it was a good as any gumbo he’s had there.

  3. Seems it is a consequence of post-modernity. In post-modernity human life is no more intrinsically valuable than other forms of life. As such, domestication of animals for food is slavery.

    1. Slavery followed by murder followed by cannibalism! Oops, after-effects of exposure to Portland, Oregon still lingering. Don’t mind me.

    2. For the Leftist scum, OTHER PEOPLES’ lives are no more intrinsically valuable than any animal.
      By remarkable contrast, for that same Leftist scum, HIS or HER life (depending on the day’s results of identification roulette) is the most important thing in the world, more than other people’s lives, fortunes, health, or place at the table of sentient beings.

    1. Oh lordy, that was funny. Had the one clown had his head pulled off because he was locked in, it would’ve served those idiots right.

  4. I sliced up a brisket. I cooked it slowly yesterday, along with roasted carrots and potatoes which I mixed with sautéed onions, long time doing that along with a bit of gravel and balsamic vinegar to serve with some par-boiled asparagus tonight, being old my wife and I both watch our carbs but we eat a lot of good meat, a whole of lot of good nice cuts. We don’t fast food and french fries and crap.

    Now, In my mid seventies I have had to do the cancer thing three times, now in good heath, so I don’t give a shit about all that health food stuff. I still fit in my suits and sports coats I wore 25 years ago, not very worn, because I don’t have to dress up much anymore and my numbers on my liver, kidney and all the scans are good, this month.

    If you told me tomorrow I had two months to live I would say, “Thank You Jesus” I have had a wonderful ride. I you told me I could live an extra ten years eating green stuff and not bacon and good food I would say, “No Thanks”, see you later.

    1. Everything doctors and the media said was bad for you over the last 60 years has been either shown to be in fact good for you, or not bad nor good. I eat as I please.

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