Plastic Lever Rifles

It’s not often a photo makes me go “WTF?” (unless it’s of the latest incarnation of a Kardashian’s ever-expanding ass), but this one made me choke on my breakfast gin:

Let’s list the atrocities:

  • plastic stock
  • red-dot sight
  • suppressor

…on a lever rifle?

Great Vulcan’s bleeding hemorrhoids.  As any fule kno, a proper lever rifle should look like this:

or this:

and be fired by men who look like this:

…which is as God, Oliver Winchester and John Moses Browning intended.

THAT SAID: the article which accompanies that first (appalling) photograph is extremely interesting.  Hie thee thence and read it.

They’ll be putting scopes  on lever rifles next.  Oh wait, don’t tell me… aaaaargh:

I think I’ll have another gin, just to steady my nerves.  What the hell, it’s almost sunrise.


  1. Well, you are kind of partly right about lever guns. I have a nice Marlin 45-70, wood stock blued finish with Williams Peep sight installed, I can use a ghost sight for low light hog shooting and a rather tight one for shooting paper at 100 yards which is about all I do with that rifle any more. I also have a nice Savage 99 in .308 with a decent scope installed and I can not imagine using that rifle without a scope since I have the Marlin for close in stuff.

    As for the plastic stock and red dot I agree 100%, a 3 moa red dot at 100 yards should work for shooting a deer but get on out to 175 or 200 yards and I just don’t see how could ever make any sense. My longest shot at a deer some years ago was at a measured 220 yards and the conditions were just right for me to take that shot, a deer standing still, no wind, I was level with the deer, feet on the ground and a good tree trunk for a rest. Without everything working just right I know I don’t have the skills to make a one shot kill like that. Add a red dot to the mix instead of my Leupold 3.5×9 which was set on about 5 at best a 200 yard shot would be a miss because you don’t want a gut shot or half assed grazed on the neck or ass shot deer running off that might not stop until it reaches the next county.

    Save the plastic stock for a well made bolt action with a good high power scope that costs as much as the rifle, that’s the way things are meant to be.

  2. The kids like their black plastic guns. If you want to keep selling guns, you go where the money is.

  3. I like all guns as long as they are made, and function, properly.

    That lever in the bottom pic is one of the purtiest things ever created, the epitome of american engineering and art.

    If I was better off financially I’d have more guns and ammo than any sane person should. The media would call it an aesenal. I’d devote a very large room to them and spend most of my waking hours there. I luvs the smell of Hoppes 9 in the air.

  4. If mounting a scope lets a fellow (or lady) continue effective use of a lever gun as age takes it toll on visual acuity, I’ll not gainsay it.

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