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As Longtime Readers are fully aware, I loathe Modernist architecture and interior design with something approaching destructive impulse (a polite way of saying that of I could get away with it, I’d pay Muslim assholes to fly empty airliners into all of them).  Lest we forget, here are a couple of examples of same:

So, you may ask, what do you propose in modernism’s stead?  Well, if we go according to the precept that “architecture doesn’t have to  suck”, we could do with more of these:

…and for the interior design, more of these:

The above two pictures, by the way, are of an AirBnB apartment in Edinburgh (one of my favorite cities in the whole world), where I will most certainly be staying the next time New Wife and I pop Over There.

Here’s another example of an interior taken not a million miles away from a certain country house in England’s South West, where I have stayed before:

…and where we will doubtless stay again when we venture into Hardy Country.

Yes, I’m hopelessly old-fashioned and so (to the surprise of precisely nobody) is New Wife.  Your opinion may vary from ours in that you prefer the top two pictures;  but if so, you suck and so does your ghastly Bauhaus  architecture.


  1. Modernist looks good in the abstract, but it really suffers when you try to live in it. That uncluttered look highlights everything. The Victorians seem to have had it right. You’ll never notice the Adams revolver on the dresser…or anything else.

    1. Good point. Life — real life– always involves some clutter that can’t be stuffed into a drawer or cabinet.
      That interior looks like a lobby for a business, without the copies of Colliers and Look magazines to pass the time waiting for your appointment.
      And the outsides look like boxes, piled on boxes, which makes it easy for the people drawing and making the models to sell the monstrosity.

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