Good Olde Dayes 1

Upon reading this lovely story, I was transported back to a time when advertising gave it to you straight and hard.  But first, a quick excerpt:

Following outrage in the past couple of years over ads that were seen as toxic, the U.K. has responded by banning advertising that perpetuates negative stereotypes or equates physical attractiveness with social or romantic success. The elegant simplicity of this solution might leave us wondering, why hasn’t anyone thought to do this before?

Because until recently, society wasn’t in thrall to the Great Wokening, is why.  So please indulge me as I hearken back to a time when everyone understood their roles in life.


Let’s not talk about the kiddies:


Not just ads, either:


…and even comics did the tongue-in-cheek thing:

And let’s hear it for product packaging and promises:

…and for energy and pick-me-ups:

And given that we’re celebrating Love-A-Homo/Trannie/Whatever  Month, here’s my all-time favorite:

But let me not get nasty.  One more good ‘un:

Like the title suggests:  the good old days.  I miss ’em. [eyecross]

Others may differ.  I, however, have a sense of humor about this kind of thing.


  1. Under no circumstance would I ever have a negro serve me. I wouldn’t allow one of those things around me at all. Ever. If I’m ever in an area where one might exist I am definitely packing. Very few of them around here, we go months without seeing them. Don’t miss em at all.

    That pik of the guy in the bed with a shirt and tie on. LOL

    That groupie strumpet looks like something I could investigate, but wear 2 raincoats.

  2. 148 proof Cannabis! LOL

    Advertising demographics have shifted to the younger crowd. Modern ads hardly bother pitching their products, they just slobber over “diversity” instead.

  3. Richard Deacon more likely was considering whether his pants coordinated with the tablecloth and chair upholstery than how stacked the Thermidor was….

    1. Who knew that Alan Brady’s wife was such a totty, eh? Makes me wonder why he always got so worked up at Buddy’s antics in the office, if he had that lovely to come home to.

  4. I liked the double stacked and the groupie looked like one of my old girl friends. She is probably 60 now.

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