Surprisingly Unmoved

Talk about a tease.  The headline for this article started off quite promisingly, with:

Killer 1,000ft wide asteroid wipes out New York

…only to be spoiled by the rest:

…as ‘planetary defence’ scientists fail to save Earth by deflecting it in simulation of terrifying Armageddon scenario

Well, shit.  There for a moment I was envisioning a future without the New York Times, and let me tell you, it was a warm, wonderful place.

On those lines:  couldn’t it just be a smaller asteroid, one that takes out only the 41st St block between 7th and 8th?

Feel free to add your  least-favorite NYFC blocks, in Comments.


  1. If I say “Pretty please with ice cream on top!” can that asteroid break in half and 1 piece hit NYFC and the other DC?

  2. Kinda parallels my gut reaction to seeing the Twin Towers burning on 9/11; “This is taking architectural criticism a little far.”.

    Loath the Jihadist swine who carried out the attack, grieve for the lives lost….but the World Trade Center was phantasmagorically ugly.

    I’m not all that fond of the Liberal Infestation of Manhattan, but there is a lot of Architecture I love. The old pre-war skyscrapers. The Flatiron Building.

    Could we just hope for a batch of anthrax tainted newspaper ink?

    1. Maybe a neutron bomb could clean out the vermin and still leave the architecture relatively untouched. There’s other locations that sterilization would benefit. Top of the list might include: San Fran, D.C., Mecca, Tehran, Chicongo, LA, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Memphis, Dearborn, etc. Not necessarily in that order.

  3. I still have family and friends in NYC (Staten Island to be specific), and knocking out the Wall Street area would cripple the economy, so I’d prefer not to see the ENTIRE city wiped out.

    Still, if we could manage to wipe out everything from City Hall (root of Commie Mayor DeBlasio’s government) thru Times Square it wouldn’t be any great loss to humanity. Maybe if we could use one of those old neutron bombs that wipes out the people but leaves the infrastructure…..

  4. I’ of the opinion that America’s reaction to 9/11 was in spite of the fact that it was NYFC that got it, not because of it.

    Or for a kinder gentler (that just how I am) take: We saw Americans being killed, where they lived was irrelevant.

  5. Whatever block Mayor De Blasio is on at the moment. Or maybe Bloomberg.

    Just get one big enough to get both if it lands right between them.

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