More Nancy Bullshit

As Glenn Reynolds might say, “If you’re going to chronicle Nancy Pelosi’s bullshit, you’re gonna need a bigger blog.”

But this one’s a little more dangerous than her normal:

The United States would not agree to any trade deal with Britain if future Brexit arrangements undermine peace in Ireland, U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday during a visit to Dublin.

Actually, Our Nancy doesn’t have the authority to make such a statement.  Trade deals fall squarely under the purview of the POTUS, and are subject only to ratification by the (Republican-controlled) Senate.  The House of Representatives, over which Oberfuehrer Pelosi holds only a little influence, doesn’t have much to do with the process.

So she’s telling a Great Big Fat Lie [quelle surprise] in order to undermine Brexit, which (as any fule kno) the U.S. Socialist Party hates as much as the Euroscum do, because both hate the idea that someone somewhere might actually have independence from Big Government.

So, to my Brit Readers:  ignore the Trot bitch.  We usually do.


  1. Granny Rictus is Speaker of the House in name only. The real power belongs to Chiquita Guevera, Ilhan “Bro-Fo” Omar, and Rancid Tlibe, or whatever her name is. They’re the ones running the show, and everybody knows it. Granny Rictus might wail on TV about this or that, but the National Socialist Democrat Worker’s Party is being eaten alive by it’s own identity politics. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of anti-American shitstains.

  2. I’m starting to refer to She Guevara and Company as “The Three Stooges” which is pretty insulting when you consider all four of ’em (Curly, Larry, Moe and Shemp) were Jewish men. Meanwhile, Granny Rictus is perfectly happy to let them float the Party of Evil’s trial balloons and take all the heat, shielding the more established swamp creatures.

  3. Minor German language grammar correction: German has feminine/female forms for all occupational nouns, formed by adding -in to the male form so it would be OberFuehrerin Pelosi.

    Unless you know something about what’s under her skirt that the rest of us don’t.

  4. I had been wondering if your Nancy is a ‘fuehrein’, and hence obliged to KD16. (My lessons in German lasted about two years. All I really learnt is that the northern types cannot understand the southern accent and vice versa. Our teacher had a northern accent. Useless at the Munich Octoberfest).
    But – could she be an OberMutter? (I prefer the sound of the word to Obersturmbahnfuehrerin)

    1. You think northern vs southern German is bad…my German teacher, senior year of HS did a year as an exchange student – in Switzerland. It was like trying to understand someone from the Deliverance part of north Georgia, who had never left his home county, nor heard TV or radio.

      “Frau Hammer….Hochdeutch, bitte!”

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