1. What a total fk’ing time suck for a huge negative benefit! Knowing this, the morons who could eliminate it won’t. There, 9,975 left for others.

  2. Just one more reason I’m glad that we chose Az to retire to. They do not tolerate that DST nonsense there. (except for the Navajo Nation???)

  3. Now that I am retired DST makes little difference to me, I get up early, go to bed late sometimes reading most all night and then take a nap when needed. However years ago I loved sailing, I had nice little Catalina 22 in the water a mile from my house and after work I spent a lot of evenings on the water, staying till dark. Later I was on a skeet team which shot in the evening and every year when we switched to DSL it was great to not be shooting under lights. I know this all depends upon both the longitude and the latitude of each person, how much daylight and darkness you get at various times of the year but I have never had trouble adapting, think of it as traveling from one time zone to another which I did with my work years ago. Suck it up sunshine and you will all be all better in a week or two, at least until next fall.

    1. Me too.

      I get up every day without any alarm clock between 4:30 and 5:00 AM solar time and go to bed when I’m tired.

      Unless I fly through more than 2 time zones. That screws me up until a day before I fly home, then I’m screwed up for another two weeks.

      I ignore all the daylight savings hoopla. Much, possibly most, of modern life should be ignored.

  4. Daylight Savings Time: Look at it as a reminder the next time you think that the Government can’t control the masses with some proposed absurdity. Twice a year, the Lemmings f*ck with their clocks and their lives, just because THE GOVERNMENT SAYS SO!

    Think about it, Snowflakes! do you, does anybody, benefit from this foolishness? Anybody?

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