Are We There Yet?

From Stephen Green:

Now we have this bit of non-thinking from studious non-thinker Alexandria Occasional-Cortex.
• NYC was going to give Amazon a three-billion dollar tax break; i.e., not collect that much in taxes from Amazon’s new NYC HQ2.
• Now that Amazon has cancelled HQ2, AOC believes that NYC can spend that money they never collected, from a business which isn’t coming to NYC, on NYC’s favorite progressive causes.

As BidnessMan said:  

And please note the date on his post… so much more stupid has flowed since then.


  1. Given Alopecia Pistaschio-Kotex’s totally ignorant economics spew to date, Boston U should recall her diploma.

  2. Since Amazon was going to pay into the city/state coffers over the next 10 years upwards of $25B in actual taxes, think how much more they’ll be able to spend of that pot of fantasy gold?

  3. She is an embarrassment for Boston University. I would never send my kid there after seeing what she “learned”./sarc
    She is now outdoing the staggeringly stupid Debbie Wassermann-Test in her Tourette Syndrome-like outbursts.
    It’s obvious she loves the sound of her own voice; I wonder if it echoes in her empty head?

    1. Bear in mind she got elected in a district that’s wildly Democrat. Whether they liked her or not, you don’t think they’d vote *Republican*, do you?

      1. That was my point, stupid can only begat more stupid.
        Scary, but she’s the smartest of that group.
        A great culling is way over due.

  4. OK, she’s nuts. But the whole bidding war for corporate favor is nuts too. And incredibly corrupt. Looking at it from an economy wide scale, it doesn’t add a single job, it just moves them around.

    And never forget that Amazon is a far more dangerous enemy than AOC. Bezos has chosen to adhere to the left and now has learned the lesson of the Jacobins. F’em.

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