Dangerous Games

If you can’t laugh at this tragic tale, then you have a heart of stone:

A German woman who gave her lustful 73-year-old partner a lethal dose of sleeping pills to avoid his sex games and then kept his body in the bin has been jailed for seven years.
She admitted giving the pensioner the pills in June 2017 so that he would ‘be quiet and go to sleep,’ but denied an intention to kill him.
She told the court the pensioner’s sex games had become too much for her to bear.
According to the indictment, she failed to account for the quantity Viagra and the amount of alcohol consumed by Heinz, which enhanced the effects of the sleeping pills on the elderly man’s body.

Why didn’t she call the cops when she saw he was dead?  You have to read the rest of the story.  Try to avoid waking the other people in the office with yer ribald laughter.

And for those of you using Dr. Pfizer’s little miracle blue pills:  be careful out there.


  1. It’s a well established fact that the male body doesn’t have enough blood for the heart, the cerebral cortex, and the penis to function at the same time

    1. I’ve proved that on more than one occasion.


      “During the estimated three weeks in which the body was left to rot in the rubbish bin, Silvia sold Heinz’s car and used his credit card. ”

      I think this says more about the state of trash collection in Austria than anything else.

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