Ammo Day Update

I actually did a little more than the bare minimum purchase this year, simply because Ye Olde Ammoe Locquer is bursting at the seams.  Seriously.  I don’t have less than a thousand rounds for any of my guns, and it’s usually five times that.  (Forget .22 LR;  it’s like asking me how much sugar I have on hand because as any fule kno, .22 is not ammo, but a household commodity.)

Only one caliber is “deficient”, and that is .22 Mag.  As I’ve said on these pages before:  FFS, when did .22 WMR become (so much) more expensive than .45 ACP???   The only thing that saves me us that I don’t shoot much .22 WMR nowadays, so having only a few hundred rounds on hand is probably excusable.

So what ammo did I get?

This year I did a little “forward” buying — i.e. buying ammo for a gun (or guns) that I don’t yet possess, yet plan to buy in the very near future. They are 1) .357 mag for the S&W Mod 65 (or similar) and its companion lever-action carbine, and 2) 9mm practice ammo.

I know:  9mm?  Kim bought 9mm?  WHAT IS HAPPENING?  ARE WE FACING END TIMES?

Relax;  early next year I’ll be buying back Connie’s Browning High Power from a good friend, as much for sentimental value as anything else.  As Loyal Readers know, I’ve been complaining that the 1911 has been beating me up during practice, and even the lighter 185gr loads are a trifle wearying on the old wrist after 200 rounds’ practice.  Will I carry the BHP instead of the faithful Springfield 1911?  Time will tell;  in the interim, however, I did buy a thousand rounds of El Cheapo FMJ practice feed, and a couple-three boxes of assorted anti-goblin types, for testing.  That should keep me going till at least February.

As for the .357 Mag, I got a bunch of Winchester White Box 110gr (for practice), and some meatier anti-personnel stuff:  Federal Fusion 158gr for the Mod 65:

…and some heavier Federal 180gr (for the carbine).

“Which carbine,”  you ask?  Well, I’m still saving up for BAG Day (April 15), so I’m a little undecided, but right now I’m leaning towards Henry’s Big Boy All-Weather:

…or if I’m in a sentimental mood, the case-hardened model (because I’ve never owned a case-hardened rifle, and so why not?):

If I get the stainless S&W Mod 65, I’ll go for the stainless rifle;  if, however, I can’t find an acceptable 65 and decide to go traditional, then I’ll get the case-hardened Big Boy and a blued revolver, e.g. the Ruger Service-Six.

I don’t think that either pair would be a bad choice, n’est-ce pas?


  1. The Henry Big Boys are sweet. I’ve got one in .44 mag with the brass look receiver and its one of my favorite rifles. Some people gripe about the lack of a loading gate but I figure that a tube full of .44s should be sufficient for most purposes. I’ve also got a Rossi 92 with the John Wayne lever loop in .357. The Rossi is a fun plinker but the Henry is well worth the extra cost.

    1. @ltdavel, Buddy of mine just bought a Henry .44mag lever gun in stainless steel. It’s a sweet shooter, and plenty gentle even with “hot” .44 mag reloads.

    2. As a PS I don’t often name my guns but I call the Henry “Margie” after my wife of 42 years because every man needs a good rifle and a good woman.

  2. Kim, unless you are reloading, 185gr in .45 has normally been loaded HOT. I tried some many years ago, and discovered it was inducing a flinch. I stick with 200 or 230 for .45acp. I think I even had some 165gr loads that were worse. (fuzzy memory on that)

    Oddly enough, I really dislike the heavy loads in .38 special. I shoot 125gr std power. (my 442-0 can’t handle +P) The 158gr loads have me avoiding target practice. The 125gr shoots to POA even at 40 yds, so I can’t really complain.

  3. Kim: As a rock-rib 1911 guy, I think you need to look at the new Rock Island (ARMSCO) 1911 in …….. .22WMR!

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