1. There’s an Instagram person my wife follows who does tutorial videos of this type of make-up. One day recently she did one on the mask used in Mexico during Dia De Los Meurtes. Since she’s not Mexican she took flak over “cultural appropriation” or some such horseshit, so she took the video down. I’d have had to figure out how to say “”Perform an anatomically improbable act of self-copulation, consume excrement, and perish in a conflagration” in Spanish.

    Shame too, the girl does real good work, AND she’s cute.

  2. Kim,
    Do I remember one of your pod-cast things years ago, this time of year, when you kind of did a rant about not liking Halloween? I liked it, here at our little house we don’t buy candy and we turn off the lights in the front of the house and we just coast on past this holiday.

  3. On a more positive and graceful note, you might care to look up Sofia Vergara. She’s 45, curvaceous, rich, and really quite up your street. Unfortunately she’s married.

    There’s a nice but indecent article on her in BollywoodLife.

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