News Snippets

Roger Simon finally wakes up and smells the coffee.  Now all he has to do is persuade his hoplophobe rabbi to allow him to carry his piece into the shul.

While the Usual Suspects are squalling once again about gun control after some anti-Semitic asshole kills Jews, they are absolutely silent when a good guy gun owner snuffs out a homicidal maniac.

Our troops are thirsty lil’ buggers.  Good.

Brazil looks set to pivot sharply to the right Sunday with the election of a Trump-type guy who wants to privatize state companies [in an ailing economy], liberalize gun ownership [in the face of ubiquitous violent crime] and mine the rain forest.  Needless to say, the Meejah are clutching pearls and forecasting the Apocalypse.

Some government employee brought several .gov systems crashing down with Russian malware after visiting 9,000 porn sites.


  1. Reporting (almost) live from Reykjavic. (as a civilian this time, I never went anywhere cool as one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children).

    Beer is pretty good, but pricey. Booze is expensive as fuck. That MEU probably doubled Iceland’s GDP.

    Icelandic chicks are hot, and the population is generally nice, and most speak English. Learning conversational Icelandic was pretty much pointless, but the locals seem to appreciate the effort.

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