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From Guy Benson at Townhall.com:

“Now that Kavanaugh has been approved, I do not feel happiness.  I’m still appalled by everything that just transpired.  I’m fearful about the zero-sum, say-anything nature of our politics.  I’m furious at an activist media that couldn’t disguise its rooting interests, evidenced by repeated abandonments of core journalistic practices.”

Furious is good.  Keep that fury, everybody:  feed it, nurture it, let it grow and grow, and feel it every time you cast your vote whether now, in November 2018;  in the presidential elections of November 2020, or in every poll to come.

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  1. It appears to me that the Republicans are waking up and adjusting to the TrumpWorld of politics, a long overdue change to actually engage the opposition and fight to win, not try to make nice, avoid waves and have happy endings. Their gnashing of teeth, rendering of clothing and screaming is my emotional gratification. In about a month we will get a better reading of the average, middle of the country real people who work for a living when the mid-term elections take place.

    After the successful voting to seat Kavanaugh today the main stream media went nuts and I like it. We will see how much all the street theater really affects the voters and I would surmise we will see and upset just as bad as 2016 when Trump going into the election had less than a 10% chance of winning until he did. Then the mainstream media folks made an enormous amount of strange noise eating their livers.

    We the voters intend to continue making changes with our votes, electing good men and women who share out values and are willing to go for the win representing us.

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