Using The Proper Method

Yesterday I renewed my Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA) membership — in fact, I “upgraded” to the 3-year package — and paid for it using my CitiBank credit card because Citi are a bunch of gun control-loving bastards.

Even better, I’m currently on a “lowered” promotional APR of 1.99%, so they get diddly out of this renewal except the transaction fee.

And as soon as my balance is paid off (before the expiration of the promotion period duh), out come the scissors.

Oh and by the way, it’s an “affinity” card with American Airlines so I get frequent flier miles with every purchase.  However, American now refuses to carry my (or anyone’s) shotguns and rifles when I fly over to the U.K., so fuck them too.


  1. Yes, indeed. I keep my Citi/Costco card mainly to buy firearms-related items….most recently I used it to pay the $200 stamp for a new can. And several new firearms to use with the can. And the can.

    Oh, and ammo!

    And I get 2% back from them for it, too!

    1. I keep mine–with zero balance on it–for real emergencies and because I’ve had it so long it helps push our credit rating over 800.

      The credit card companies (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX etc.) charge the merchants a fee to process transactions, but I don’t know of the issuing banks get a cut of that or not.

  2. Does anyone keep track of which businesses don’t want to do business with gun owners?

    I hope so, because I don’t want to do business with them and would like to be able to identify them easily.

  3. I’ve been reading about mastercard itself going against firearms businesses and such. They are also reportedly attacking bloggers (guess which end of the political spectrum) via Patreon and possible other such funding sites. I haven’t read the same about Visa but I haven’t had time to research it.

    Cabelas is unfortunately moving their Club Visa card over to mastercard later this year. I already sent a feedback email to the program address and one to the twits at Bass Pro. I don’t expect they’ll care, so I may end up closing the account down the road.

  4. Get a Wells Fargo charge card. They’ve stated publically that “gun rights policy” is the domain of legislative action, not of the private business sector. As such, they will *NOT* follow the models of CitiGroup, Bank of America, et. al.

    In the interest of full & fair disclosure, I’m a Wells Fargo employee, but do not benefit in any way from making this suggestion.
    – Brad in IL

    1. Already have one, and a credit card. Some people have had problems with WF in the past; I, never. In fact, WF has helped me out of several jams in the past, and it would take a royal screwup to make me close my accounts with them.

      1. K,
        I recall you saying you have a WF card. Hopefully I can help sway your loyal readers to dropping their Citi and/or Chase and/or BofAm cards in favor of WF. And like I said, I get bubkes for it.
        Lastly, I started a lay-away purchase of a CCW pistol. I don’t *need* it, but with JB Pritzker looming large here in IL, I figured I’d support my local FFL before Pritzker drives him out of business. When I take possession, I’ll send you the GGP (gratuitous gun PAIR) because the new heater shares magazines with my carbine.

  5. “…And as soon as my balance is paid off (before the expiration of the promotion period duh), out come the scissors….”

    Never let them know. Let the mailings, the offers, the monthly statements, keep rolling in. Let them figure out for themselves why they’re getting no return for their expense. This is what I’ve done with my Sears MC, and while I still buy from Sears it’s always with NFCU or USAA….

    We outnumber them.

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