Total Bullshit

Here’s a study which will have all clear-thinking people falling off their chairs with laughter:

Men are to blame for women freezing their eggs: Inability to find males who will commit to a relationship is the most common reason for procedure, rather than career.

Delaying motherhood to focus on work is the least common reason women undergo the procedure, a Yale University study found today.
Most women who freeze their eggs are single, divorced or in broken relationships and wish to keep their options open, the research adds.
Some even freeze their eggs because they would rather be single mothers, the study found.
The researchers claim the reason for egg freezing ‘mostly revolves around women’s lack of stable partnerships with men committed to marriage and parenting’.

These findings doubtless came after asking childless single women (who are renowned for their ability for self-deception at the best of times) the question: “Have you been spending too much time on your career rather than finding a mate?” (Okay, that wasn’t the question, but I bet it isn’t far off.)

“Oh nooooo,” the maidens cried, “It’s all because the mennnnnnnn don’t want to commit!”

Lemme tell Teh Sisterhood a little truth, here:  if you are a marriageable woman, a guy will commit.  If you are a foulmouthed, trashy drunken slut who’s very interested in building your careeeer — which percentage of the female population, alas, seems to be growing each year — then it’s hardly surprising that men are saying, “If that’s what’s available, then I’ll… pass.”  As for the methodology:

Some 85 percent of the (150) participants were single, with the remainder being in new or uncertain relationships, polygamous couples, or with men who do not want children.

No mention of age… which would probably tell the whole story right there.

Here’s what I know to be true.  Most women won’t even contemplate freezing their embryos until the dreaded biological clock starts a-ticking — which means they’re older and (probably) career-oriented rather than youthfully maternal, and therefore they’re less attractive to men.

But it’s all the mennnnnn’s fault, of course, because they don’t want to marry and have children with these sad, desperate and aging harpies, so the Guilt Machine gets pointed at men like a laser beam.  Except it won’t work, because men are (finally) starting to wise up to this racket.  Even the beta males of the species, normally the prime target of the female “alpha fux, beta bux” mantra, are looking at this scenario and choosing to stay away.


What he’s really saying is:

…and who could blame him?

Oh, Great

Apparently Mexico has elected a Commie rat bastard [some redundancy]  to be their next El Presidente.  How nice.  As if we don’t have enough of them ourselves in Congress, California, New York, Austin, Berkeley etc., now we’re going to be dealing with imports as well?

Needless to say, other Commies from all over are racing to offer their congratulations to Comrade Obrador.  (I love the fact that BritCommie Jeremy “Shitbreath” Corbyn has hailed Obrador’s election as a “new beginning” for Mexico.  Given Communism’s track record, it would be more accurate to call it the “beginning of the end” for Mexico.)

Oh well.  Now we really need to build a wall (e.g. as it was in Cold War Germany, with machine-gun towers and minefields) to keep the desperate Commies from flooding over the Rio Grande in even greater numbers (see:  Venezuelan refugees streaming into Colombia and Brazil).  If you thought the illegal Mexican border-jumpers were desperate before, just wait till Obrador’s policies force Mexico even deeper into the shit than they are already.

I also love the fact that the dear comrade’s campaign was positioned as “anti-corruption”, when we all know that under every Communist regime ever installed, all the guys at the top get massively rich from… corruption.  Mexico will be no different.

If this wasn’t happening so close to our borders, I’d just order up (and eat) a megaton of popcorn while watching the place implode.  But ugh… the Mex/U.S. border is only a few hundred miles south of where I’m sitting, and this is not going to end well.

Maybe a moat, as well as machine gun towers and minefields…?  How say you, O My Readers?

Printer Update

Unless anyone tells me a serious horror story, I think I’m going with this combo:

Simple, cheap, cheap-to-run, duplex and small footprint (remember, I’ll be in an apartment with limited counter space).  And I’m not into the Amazon replenishment thing, given that each toner cartridge will last me about a year, and by buying two, I’ll just buy a new one each time the first one runs out.

I’ll only be ordering it around the end of the month, so feel free to disapprove of / shoot down my choice.

And many thanks for all the advice.