5 Worst Things About Hitler

Staying with the April 20 theme, and ranked from bad to horriblest:

  • killed his dog with poison
  • is responsible for Godwin’s Law
  • adopted a stupid political philosophy which still influences other statists like Nancy Pelosi and most Western European politicians
  • his even-more stupid anti-Semitism continues to influence assholes like Jeremy Corbyn, about one-third of all Internet commentary, and all of Islam
  • was, unsurprisingly, a strict vegetarian.

Your observations and suggestions in Comments.


  1. He ruined ancient iconography, e.g., the pinwheel or sunwheel, otherwise known as the swastika.

  2. As a former Corporal, his total ignorance of military tactics and strategy was an insult to Corporals everywhere.

  3. 5) Mistook careless luck for skill
    4) Backstabbing dick who used people, then discarded them
    3) Loved flattery, and promoted kissups, lickspittles, and sycophants over those who were honest or competent
    2) Utterly careless with the lives of his troops, his people, and his nation
    1) Bastard didn’t cap himself back in 1913

    1. Until that last one I thought you were talking about Former President Obama.

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