Just To Mess With Ya

Here’s an interesting math situation, wherein I prove that 2=1:

1.) Suppose you have quantities A and B, and suppose they are equal. That is,
A = B

2.) Multiply both sides by A:
A^2 = AB

3.) Now subtract B^2 from both sides:
A^2-B^2 = AB-B^2

4.) Factor both sides:
(A+B)(A-B) = B(A-B)

5.) Divide both sides by the common factor (A-B):
A+B = B

6.) Now, remembering that A=B, we have
B+B=B, or 2B=B

7.) Divide both sides by B:

And now, children, you will understand how Congress creates the national budget.

/Lewis Carroll



  1. I had to look at that for a little while to figure out where it goes wrong. I’m not convinced that congress uses even that level of rational logic to arrive at what they do.

  2. You just caused a discontinuity in space-time by doing the impermissible. 😉
    To preserve the joy of the next readers, I won’t spoil it by saying what.

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