As the movement towards the suppression of humor — i.e. funny jokes, satire and such — seems to be gathering steam, I become more and more determined to resist it. Example:

“Wait: you put a baby into a microwave oven?”
“What happened?”
“Dunno. I was too busy masturbating.”

More as I think of them. Oh, and by the way: imagine that I had said “Muslim baby” in the above joke. No doubt there would have been convulsions of outrage.

Now imagine that some Muslim academic asshole had told the joke using “Jew baby” instead. Do I hear… crickets?


  1. Ok, I laughed.

    I believe that everyone has the right to be offended, and I am to aid everyone in exercising their rights.

  2. Nuke the unborn California gay whales and find Jesus.

    Nuthin’ wrong with a Raghead that a 12-gauge enema wouldn’t cure.

    Women have small feet so they can stand closer to the stove.

  3. If the baby was a muslim girl, and the person who microwaved her a male relative, it could be an honor nuking. Poor bastard probably saw the babe out of diapers and couldn’t contain himself…

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